Sunday, December 1, 2013

Celebrating Milestones!!!!

This weekend marked 10 weeks since we started food therapy .... 5 sessions in all ... And can I say what an amazing experience it has been for both of us?!  Not only has he officially increased his "SAFE FOODS" from :

6 SAFE foods ..... 2 SAFE condiments & 1 SAFE drink ... 

Toooooooo  a grand total of *drum roll please* : 11 SAFE foods .. 2 SAFE condiments & 4 SAFE drinks

Soooo absolutely OVER THE MOON with excitement ... makes it soo real putting it on the food chart ... can't wait to keep going ... gives me soo much inspiration looking at it hanging on the wall every day Compared to April this year when he was underweight weighing in at 11.2 kgs and losing every time he was sick oh and the HUGE tonsils debarkle of 2013... but potentially facing a gastric tube if we couldn't get his weight up!!!

You have no idea how incredibly proud I am of him at this point ... I think over the last week or so I have said it about 20 times a day .. especially after every meal ... We have totally turned around what is considered something soo tiny in other peoples worlds to something monumental in ours.  My Orally aversive child even tried 2 bites of watermelon and a prawn ... A PRAWN when we were out for dinner the other night ... NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would EVER see him eating a prawn or a bite of watermelon ... It may not be on his list of foods that he thinks are safe yet ... but he took a bite ... he put them in his mouth ... and he bit down on them ... And best of all ... HE DIDN'T GAG!!!  He took what he didn't want to eat out of his mouth and put it nicely back on the edge of his plate!!

It is like the whole world is amazing right now!!! He is tolerating being in the same room as stuff where he wouldn't before ... Smells aren't making him gag as much ... he is vocalising if there are things he doesn't like and removing them .. or himself from the situation .. without power chucking or having a total meltdown about it ...

Don't get me wrong though .. the meltdowns haven't ceased to exist .. they still happen over lots of sensory stuff .. multiple times a day ... BUT ... with food he is now comfortable enough to say no ... to not put it on his plate ... and still be happy enough for me to eat my "healthy" salad at the same table as him with out copping a spoonful of power vomit!!!  He is changing his world and it is starting to co-exist with mine and I couldn't ask for more!!!

BUT I have another milestone to celebrate too!!!! He can officially climb into the car by himself ... and put his arms in the seat belts by himself!!!!! Not only that ... he is starting to tolerate little pushes on a swing too - he actually asked me on saturday to push him gently on our swing set that has been sitting dormant in the backyard for nearly 2 years!!!! GOBSMACKED right?! ... Thank you sensory integration ... and thank you SOS feeding!!! In 6 months you have turned what was an extremely overwhelming world into something that day by day is becoming more manageable for him ... more liveable and much easier to interact with!!!

Can't tell you how proud I am ... I swear I have a pregnant mother type glow right now radiating out of my smile!!! It is sooo nice to report something soo positive right now while I have a big mess of a personal life hiding under the cracks!!! I hope you all have a *Happy dance* to report to me!!! I want to hear all about your successes too!!! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Food Chaining


Hasn't Christmas just come sooooo around fast?!  Going to attempt some Food chaining into our Christmas dinner this year ... Fingers crossed it goes ok ... I think the trick is I am going to have to keep everything as separate as I can .... A big Food buffet / Smorgasbord Yes that means extra bowls and dishes but ... Who cares ... If it gets him participating in all the Christmas furore!!

We are on our 5th session of food therapy this week .... And I haven't really had a chance to talk about it much with all our personal stuff going on ... So here goes ..

When we first starting S.O.S we started simple ... Everything is free of packaging and is put into a clear ziplock bag so as not to associate with any branding ... Anything liquid obviously in a clear glass bowl or jug ... We each have a wet flannel to wipe our hands or face if we don't like it on them .. and there is a bowl of warm soapy water on the table... On the first week the girls started with his top 4 favourite food items ... just to get a sense of trust with him ... So that food could be on the table in this manner and it could be safe.. It was amazing ... everything as long as it was in its ziplock bag was seen ... some of it touched ... and some of the bags even got opened and played with!! Love it!!

Our safe foods for the record have started as :

Chips - Hot or crisp variety

Chicken Nuggets
Sausages - specific kinds.

Choc milk - specific Brand
Condiments - tomato sauce & mustard but sometimes gravy.

Examples of our food play lists which obviously hardly anything has gone past our lips are : 


1. Crinkle Cut Chips               (Safe food)

2. Chicken Nuggets                (Safe food)

3. Gravy                                (Safe food)

4. Sausage                            (Safe food)

5. Pretzel Sticks

6. Beef Jerky

7. Plain Chocolate

8. Chocolate Milk                     (Safe food)


1. Crinkle cut chips                   (Safe food)

2. Banana Chips 
3. Yellow jelly (jelly cups)

4. Yellow Dried fruit spear (long stick shape)
- Any fruit is fine, with the colour as close to yellow as possible.

5. Sausages                             (Safe food)

6. Bread Sticks 

7. Beef Jerky

8. Plain Chocolate                    - Licked and kissed this session

9. Choc milk (heated up)           - Sipped, licked, kissed

At this point we haven't added anything into our regular routine ... But it is on the table ... and we are playing with it SOMETIMES ... which is HUGE compared to anything he has ever done before ... I don't care if we end up with jelly on the walls as long as eventually we can get it in his stomach .. it will be all worth it.. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Letter To Boogie

Hey baby boy ...

Just wanted to write to you ... Something you said today struck a HUGE chord with me ...

"Sorry I am soo sick all the time mummy" ...

Of course I replied back with, "It's not your fault baby ... everyone gets sick sometimes ... just you and I have silly blood and immune systems that make us sick more than most people".

IT BREAKS MY HEART ... Every day that I can't stop you from hurting ... That I can't stop you from getting soo sick all the time ... and that being soo sick and confined a majority of the time stops you from experiencing the world.  One day you're going to look back and wonder why I pushed you soo hard to fight your battles every day ... And hopefully one day it will have all been for a good reason!!!

Wanting you to put on weight when you were teeny tiny was my first wish ... A wish that I didn't know how hard it would be or how long it would take... with your sensory processing and oral aversion .. reflux and colic .. it has taken you nearly 6 years now to put on 14kgs ... It has been a long fight ... that is ongoing ... That I wish I could make easier ... But how do you fix your brain and tell it to stop being soo scared of the food that we all eat???  You are starting to look healthy now ... I can't see your ribs any more ... but I had to fight tooth and nail to get you as far as I could ... so that you could figure it out on your own ... Therapists now help both of us figure it out together... to try and make sense of it a bit more ...

We have had such a long road Boogie... fighting every step of the way ... I knew even before you were born you would have a battle on your hands... knowing that you had a 50/50 chance of having the same blood disorder as mine ... Your Daddy had to have a blood test when I was pregnant to make sure he didn't have it in his blood too (which he didn't)... so that they knew what they were going to be dealing with when you finally arrived ...  But I knew you would have my fighting spirit in you ... I knew it even before you were born!!!

That we had to fight through your bad reflux and colic ... not being able to sit up for a long long time was one of the first things the child health nurse played down ... they kept telling me it was because you were soo small ... But I knew better!! Not being able to pull yourself up until you were well past 12 months old ... and not even taking your first steps until you were nearly 2 ... Staving off febrile convulsions and fits .. one after another ... until finally we were both at breaking point!!

Along came one of the most amazing paediatricians that believed my words - that I wasn't a looney ... that something was not right ... that I wasn't just an over concerned mother ... He fixed my mummy sense... And believed that inner voice in the pit of my stomach that said something was not right ... With that came a cerebral palsy diagnosis and a referral to a specialist centre ... followed closely by your sensory processing diagnosis ... it has all just gotten soo much less clouded in our world!!

The fact that we both faced that path alone when your dad stopped being in our world when you were 2 hasn't stopped us fighting on ... If anything it has made our assault on the world that much stronger!! My Boogie boy this is just the beginning for you ... And you don't have to be sorry for being sick ever!! I am sorry for not being able to stop the effects of the world on you ... The guilt that I feel for not being able to do more and protect you more than I already am ... To not have the funds to help you experience the world more than you already are ...

I promise you that you will conquer the world one day!! You will be the Engineer you want to be ... You will build robots to help children who are disabled just like you and kids that have more things than we can ever imagine going on too!! ... You are going to change their world ... Just like you have already changed mine!! Never be sorry for something you can't control ...  Because one day you will figure out how to grab it by the horns and snap everything back into place where it should be!! I love you Everyday ... no illness .. sickness or disability will ever change that!! You are here because I put it out into the universe that I could handle what it had to throw at us ... and I would never ever change a thing!!! Please don't ever forget that!!! 

Love Always!!!!

Mummy xox 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lazy vs. Contemplative

I would love to openly admit to you what has kept me blogging properly for the last few weeks ... BUT ... I can't :(

It is not because I don't want to ... Because I would love to splurge and dribble everything that I have got to vent and crap on about ... It is consuming me at the moment... So I will dribble a little without telling you anything specific .... Ready?! lol gooooooooooooooo ...

It drives me insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... The fact that someone can move on with their life sooo readily ... not care about 7 years of their life ... an impact that to me is devastatingly life changing ... That they can lie to government agencies ... and not look after their own flesh and blood ... it makes my blood boil .... That they can get away with it ... Is what I consider something that should be up for nomination for a new deadly sin ... not only at that one persons hand ... but at the hand of the government that facilitates it ...

I wish I could just type vomit all over this page ... But I can't .... Why you ask?! Because of a word that begins with C ... and ends with T ... and I am not talking about the swear word variety ...

I absolutely feel like I am not myself at the moment .... I am going through counselling ... as is Boog to "assess" the situation in preparation .... I have had appointments coming out of my ears ... and for what?! ... For a  letter to be sent to said do-wronger ... Just so I can wait for a response ... I literally now have to sit on my hands and wait ... and if that said do-wronger doesn't respond ... I wait some more before it can go before the aforesaid word beginning with "C"  ...

Do you know what drives me the most nuts about it ... I am damned if I do ... and damned if I don't .... Why???????????  ... Because Mr Do-wronger has done it many times before ... turns out that it is 7 times in fact ... And the whole time I was living in my honeymoon bubble with them ... apart from a few clues AND puzzle pieces which were brushed off by Mr Do-wronger as all in my head ..... I was blissfully unaware of it all until the end ... Don't you just love it ...

I am glad that I have the support of his family ... That they understand that I am not bat shit crazy ... And even more grateful that I have my AMAZING family and friends ... What I don't get is how it can still screw with my life 2 years on .... I just want to get on with everything I have to get on with ... and I am stuck answering to the ghosts of my past ... How can that not be a head game?!

I have been asked the most intimate questions about parenting in the last month .... How do I rate myself on the grand scheme of 1 - 10 .. SERIOUSLY?! ...... My answer was well no-one is perfect ... But I am not a bad parent ... I am coping with EVERYTHING the best way I know how ... so I gave myself an 8 .... that is pretty good self worth ... The fact that I have not collapsed in a heap on the floor in a puddle of tears everyday impresses me ... I think that is at least worth an 8 ... right?!

The most horrible things we're having to re-live every time is the past ... every interview the same questions ... I get that they need to see if I am changing my answers ... but when you have gone through the most difficult time of your life for the last few years ... you don't want to re-live it on a daily basis once you have gotten over it... that fact that you had put it behind you and now have to rehash it every other day is frustrating ... reliving intimate details ... Lies ... and then resenting yourself when they look at you with those judging eyes as to why you didn't figure it out sooner.... It makes me ponder on what the hell I was thinking ... One of my qualities is that I am a trusting and forgiving person ... But there are just some things, that you just can't forgive and forget ...

What doesn't kill us ... makes us stronger ... Right?! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Broken Mirrors

So yet again... the school holidays were spent... IN BED...  I am going to get a little off track here so forgive me if I lose you ..

When I was younger ... on my mums 40th birthday in fact .... I was sick sick sick with the flu myself ... with my anaemia .. sickness comes on fast and strong ... and it was back in the day when water beds were the in thing LOL yes I am that bloody old :(  ... Anyway I had taken some cold and flu tablets and turned the heater up on my bed and gone to sleep ... and the dog and myself settled in for the night ... with not a movement from each of us .... The water displaced and the heater being turned up really high melted the plastic ... first movement from the dog at first light was water everywhere ... it was like I was a participant in the avon descent ... (for you non perthians - a fast moving river race - not so fast nowadays with the lack of rain water - but I digress) ..

ANYWAY... My bedroom backed onto the entrance of the house where my mum had a wall of mirror tiles ... and you better believe as the water gushed through the house like a mother of Octuplets water breaking (yes that is the mental picture I have) ... getting into power sockets and thankfully triggering the safety switch ... it soaked the wall ... and one by one over the next few days mirror by mirror started breaking .. and cracking .. and POPPING of the damn wall!!!

Now I don't know if you are all as superstitious as my bloomin family is ... but according to the 20 something odd tiles that popped off ... I will be taking my bad luck onto my next life!!! Secretly hoping that it didn't spawn into poor Boogie ... and wondering if that is why he is having all the luck - I use that term sarcastically incase it didn't leap off the page ...

Anyway I will get back to it ...  EVERY school holiday this year ... Boogie and I have spent sick in bed ... the tonsils .. the flu ... and now pneumonia ... which downgraded to a chest infection and then back upto a sinus infection ... Cancelling 50% of the appointments and clinics I tried to jam into his time off school *YAY* ...

So the last 3 days of the school holiday when he was actually back on his feet .. were spent cramming special things in ... Science experiments ... Zoo experience feeding the JabJab's (Giraffes) and spending some quality time with family as there has been a sad turn of events which I won't go into ... We had Uncle T down visiting from the Pilbara and even managed to squish in a mexican fiesta night ... We had to cancel appointments ... and will be making them up first week back at school - I am sure it will be to the disgust of the principal ... But WHATEVER!!! They can bite me this term ... Health comes first ... and from his Paediatricians mouth today ... If I wasn't the fighter and most amazing mummy advocate for my little Boogie ... He wouldn't be where he is today ... he wouldn't be walking ... he would be stuck in a wheel chair ... So ... Broken mirror karma ... You can kiss my A** ... seriously ... we will fight onwards and upwards :) ...

P.S ... Can't wait to share with you some of the fun stuff we got upto ... in our few days of healthy school holiday mayhem - But I will leave you with a super cute pic ... Until tomorrow x 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

SOS Feeding!!

So the day I have been waiting for ... FOR MONTHS NOW ... really though it felt like a lifetime ... like when your a kid and it is January .. and your already waiting for Christmas!! Take that type of anticipation... bottle it and give it a bit of a shake... and then you will have a glimpse of my life for the last 3 months .. We had our assessment last week .. they came out and wanted to see his reaction to foods he does and doesn't like ..

Nothing was unusual to me ... the screwed up nose .. the dry retching .. just thinking about having to put something in his mouth ... To make matters worse .. our safe foods have been slowly creeping down to almost nothing ... He won't drink his Sanitarium Up and Go drinks that I have been using for the last 2 years to keep weight on him in winter .. When I lost those out of his safe list ... My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach ... I swear you could hear my heart breaking from the next suburb.

There are soooo many golden rules in SOS feeding ... It all starts with an OT and a Speech Therapist ... assessing the way he sticks things in his mouth .. how he chews ... how he pockets his food in his cheeks so he doesn't have to swallow ... and how he gags .. what makes him gag ...

I think I will have to post some of the info on the hand outs for you ... The food pyramid is soooo interesting ... kind of makes things fall into place!! Can't wait to have a spare 10 minutes to ramble (yes I know) onto you about EVERYTHING cos there is just soooo much useful information getting thrown at me that I am having to process most of it!!

We have sooooooooooo much going on at the moment .... Not only do we have 4 separate OT's we are doing serial casting ... to both knees in plaster ... to increase the degree and effect of the Botox .. LIFE IS CRAZY .... hopefully with school holidays upon us and not having to do double therapy and run back and forth to school as the clinics go on holidays too ... that we will have some quality time!!! Had a wedding too on the weekend (hence why I didn't post - sorry) and more coming up!! Along with all our sensory stuff that I have a HUGE backlog of ... Can't WAIT to share it all with you!!! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hair Washing Trauma

For Boogie his sensory integration problems, mean soooo many different things ... Loud music is now a no go ... even though he used to love it when he was little ... Food is a Big problem ... but we are hopefully starting to combat that in 5 sleeps with our first SOS feeding session - I seriously can't wait!!!! I can only imagine what the sensation is to him, like some sort of thrill ride at a carnival.... The fear in his eyes ... No matter what you say or do ... it doesn't calm him... Anyway these are some of the little things I try every time to make the whole process easier .... Make sure you are organised and have everything handy ... the quicker the trauma is over the quicker you can get back to being calm again!! 

1. Pouring the water on..... Instead of getting him to submerge his head under the water... I try to bring the water to his head... You can fill a cup or get your child to fill a bucket with water and pour it over his own head, or invest in a hand held shower head or one of those buckets with the flexi rubber sides to mould to his head ... When he's in control of the situation it seems much more calmer!! 

2. Some kids like to go face-first. Leaning forward may not be as threatening to your child as leaning backward, since he can see where he's going. Make sure you're in the bathroom or shower, and try not to stress him out by making sure he knows not to breath in the water.

3. Games make life easier!!!  Water pistols, spray bottles, squirt toys or a safe flannel/wash cloth can do the trick of wetting and rinsing, and can be fun and much less stressful... And another tip I have found (but not used - yet) is if you live where the weather's warm and your child loves running in sprinklers, lather up and let the water play do the rest.

4. Skimp on shampoo - I use the baby wash ... it is thinner and tear free ... those thicker shampoos take forever to rinse out - The quicker you can get it out the less traumatising the experience will be...  Plus some kids with Sensory Processing Disorder don't like the strong scents of some things and will add more stress to the situation... 

5. If you can keep their hair short do it... But then if they are anything like my Boogie then a trip to the hairdressers is a whole other circus of stress!!!! As lovely as long hair is on gorgeous girls ... I bet their sensory processing would have one less challenge with a Bob or something similar...

6. A wash cloth over the forehead or a hair visor can sometimes help ... If you can find a good one in a chemist/drug store grasp it with 2 hands and don't let go ... I am trying to find a good rubber one but have only been able to buy the cheap foamy types online ... Can't wait to find a good old school one like I had growing up!! 

Well that is it ... my little thought for the day ... I seriously can't wait to do a post on our upcoming SOS appointment ... You can probably hear me squealing like a giddy little school girl waiting outside the airport for One Direction from there!!! *rolls eyes* lol

Have a great week everyone  xx 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jelly Bath!!!

On my quest for all things sensory.... I was fumbling around in Big W yesterday ... trying to find a replacement night light pillow pet for Boogie *sigh* ... with no luck might I add!!!  Anyway, we stumbled on Gelli Baff!! 


He was a bit unsure putting his toes in at first... But from the moment he saw the box at the shops the excitement started building ... he was ripping his clothes off before we had even put the jelly crystal stuff in the water lol 

5 mins is a LONG time for a 5 year old to wait .... So instead he jumped into the shower to wash his hair while we waited ... BIG MISTAKE!!! Because his hair ended up full of Baff Gelli anyway lol

Measurements have got to be spot on 40 litres... I used a Jug as I have a really really big bath ... Then sprinkle the step 1 gelli powder evenly ... and leave for 5 mins to start changing ... The Gelli held the warmth of the water for at least 45 mins ... 


Thickening up slowly
Sprinkling the Powder

Is it time yet?????????

I wish though that I had started it earlier in the day so he could have had some more fun ... but still recovering from his serious chest infection it was just not worth getting sick over again ... The price was about $8 for the 1 bath with no left overs... which when you think about it is a pretty expensive bath for a kid ... But totally worth it ... that was the ONLY downside to the afternoon!!!

I was actually surprised he took to it as well as he did ... obviously he was submerged in the GOO ... and was trying to wipe it off his hands onto the rest of him which was covered in goo every minute or so ... BUT ... he stayed in there!!! One sensory experience we will definitely HAVE TO repeat!!! 

On to the boring cleaning up phase ... You can supposedly put the goodbye powder in while they are in the bath ... but once it started losing its goo-ness ... He started losing interest (I know .. but there really isn't any other way to describe it lol)

So it was into the shower to clean the hair ... AGAIN!!! Anyway ... 
Hope you guys have as much fun sharing our icky sticky messy bath as we did!! xx  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring In The Air

It's here ... Yay!!!  I am not looking forward to my next power bill having to dry all these ... The saline and ventolin Nebuliser every 2 hours during the day ... the reverse cycle air con keeping the house at a good temperature for him ... and the split system in my lounge room drying all the sheets and blankets... I am looking forward to some finer weather ... to dry them outside!!

I am having to strip Boogies bed to get rid of the germs from this damn chest infection and pneumonia .. I hate it!!! I am going through a can of Glen 20 a day (feel free to sponsor us lol) Wiping every surface .. And I swear both Boogie and I are going bonkers from cabin fever from being locked down in this damn house for 3 weeks!!!

Helppppppppppppppp!! I am trying every remedy under the sun to get rid of this cough and well for lack of a better word ... snot lol  ... Have upped his vitamin intake .. added extra ones in .. and all the cold and flu mixes and remedies to boot!! I need him well .. there is 2 weddings to attend this month ... plus every other appointment we are missing heaps at the moment!!

Bleach & Disinfectant are my best friends at the moment .. I just want him to be able to get back to school .. I can't send (and wouldn't send) a sick child to school as I know the affect it has on us when other mummies send their sick kids in ... Principal should have received a lovely letter by now as well .. outlining my frustrations!! 

Can't wait for that response ... Secretly I am glad we are home this week .. (with doctors approval) As I can avoid being at school and the evils from whom ever has had the opportunity to glance upon said letter ... It scares me the effect it is going to have on my interactions with the school ... and the treatment he receives ...

Can only watch and wait right?!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


There are reasons why I have been quiet this week ...

Reason 1 ... NO SLEEP 

Reason 2 .. Boogie has had croup & Asthma ...

Reason 3 .. There aren't enough hours in the day!!!!

The end :P

My apologies for not being around ... Exciting things to come though ... collaborated with a good friend .. well really she did most of the collaboration a lovely letter of complaint ... Can't wait for the response!!! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Sitting at the table ... and literally feeling like a hostage negotiator has been the last 4 years of my reality ... I can literally pin point a month where Boogie went from eating food to scraping baby food off his tongue ... dry retching and gagging all over the place .... Back then ... we just thought it was a quirky "I don't like green peas face" ... But little did I know I would be connecting the dots 4.5 years later ..

I went on to spend the better half of my days negotiating with him to eat Something ... ANYTHING!!! Changing his diet every week ... trying to get a pattern of actually eating something ... It has taken me literally 5 years ... 5 months and 7 days to let go ... and even still everyday .. a little bit of me wants to ram something down into his stomach and make him eat out of sheer frustration!!!

And then you get the Nutritionists and Dieticians who think they know it ALL ... half of which don't even have kids of their own or have never EVER come face to face with a REAL sensory eater before .. Who know the best solution for YOUR child ... and YOUR child proves them wrong by power chucking their resolution across the room ... I try sooo hard to keep my smug face to myself .. but every time it just creeps out from the corner of my mouth...

Oh No!!!!!!! My kid is not considered healthy because he doesn't eat fruit and veggies ... that makes me a failure as a mother ... I am doing something wrong ... feeding him the wrong things ... Something I am told everyday in my own head and conscience that I am not ... But don't feel alone!!!

According to an article circa 2009 the ABC reported that;

"The 2009 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare national report card found that a whopping 78 per cent of 4-8 year olds, 86 per cent of 9-13 year-olds and 95 per cent of 14-16 year-olds are not eating the recommended daily servings of vegetables. Take out potatoes, which most kids eat as chips, and the percentage of kids not getting the nutrition they need jumps to 97, 98 and 100 per cent respectively. Other research has made similar findings."

WOW ...

Do you feel like a better mother now?!  I know I do!!! Sooooo if you need a bit of cheering up ... like I know and you do battle things at the dinner table ... don't fret ... as your not really alone!! I wish I knew the stats on textural and sensory eating issues ..

There are plenty of Blog-Families and mummies out there dealing with sensory eating ... You only have to ask the lord of all things Google to find something for you .. But here are a couple that I frequent!!!

Mealtime Hostage - My Child Won't Eat Vegetables

SPD Foundation - Parents tips for picky eaters
Mom.Me - Feeding Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder

I'll sign off as head negotiator and leave you all to your week!!! I have a battle of getting someone over the mini man flu for the 3rd time in 4 weeks!!! *sigh* ... Enjoy - DMMC x

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Drama That Is Hospital

Sorry I have been a bit lax this week ... Boogie had a chest infection and then we had Botox on monday!!!! and can I just say I hateeeeeeeee hospitals ... From the smell .. to the beeping noises ... to the sound of kids crying and screaming ... it breaks my heart!!!

But more-so ... I hate the rigmarole that is packing and making sure we have all our meltdown soothers with us to avoid a total meltdown ... It was worse when he was little because we had the added things of bottles .. dummies ... extra toys ... formula .. dvds (back before the ipad was huge) ... etc

Now our hospital bag consists of the essentials .. 

* 1 blanket with a tag to rub on our nose for comfort ... which is decided upon on the day as we have a few 
* JabJab .. 
* Ipad stuffed with games (educational) and our sleepy DVD's ... it used to be The Godsmack tour DVD lol 
* Meds - ALL OF THEM 
* Glow in the dark pillow pet 
* A HUGE zip-lock bag of safe snacks ... 
* Wet-wipes - cos he won't let me use flannels 
* Spare clothes ... lots of them from all the gagging and screaming to the point of throwing up.. 
* Beanies 

And then there is mummies stuff too!!!

The worst thing I hate about it is hospital visits is sitting outside the hall near the friendship room (waiting room) pacing the halls ... and then hearing him scream in recovery and not being able to go into him until the old volunteer type lady lets me in ... That has got to be the WORST thing other than the wait ... The long antagonising wait .. especially when you know that it should only take 20 mins for Botox and he is in there .. no screaming for 30+ mintues ....I HATE IT ... 

I especially hate it when I go in there and they tell me what they told me on Monday ... That something went wrong ... That the conversation that I had with the Anaesthetist about taking precautions with a family history of anaesthetic allergy came out on his 9th time having it ...

It brought out lots of family history when I got home ... not just on my dads side ... but on my mums side ... and me too and also Boogies nanna on his dads side has problems with it too .. and now we all have to go an partake in a biopsy for Malignant Hyperthermia - Yay us *insert sarcasm here*

I don't know much about it ... YET ... but as you can imagine I am going to my normal google extremes and googling EVERYTHING I can find lol ... I will let you know more as it comes to light and as I know more!!  ... Scary stuff though!!! Scary stuff!!! Cling to your babies extra tight .. You just never know!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feeling Febrile!

Feeling thankful and contemplative today!!!!! And after cleaning and tidying too ... fancy that!

Soooo as I was cleaning up today I came across something I haven't had to use for about 6 months ... Boogies TempGuard Monitor .. Our LIFE SAVER!!! 

Boogie used to have serious febrile convulsions with every fever ... The first one started the night he had a vaccination then it went onto.. cutting teeth ... colds ... the flue ... infections ... etc ... Even in summer when the temperature hit over 40 degrees celsius ... You name it ... if his temp when over 39 degrees he would be sooo sick ... There were signs like him being extremely lethargic .. then being a bit unresponsive... his temp would start soaring... and then it would crack 39.5 and he would start twitching ... 40 would bring light shakes ... and then anything over that was a full blown fit ...

The very first time was a really really long one ... It was horrible ... we called he ambulance and they told us we weren't the first priority ... to strip him down and cool him off ... but he kept fitting .. and they didn't change our priority .. I was SOOOO angry .. Boogies dad (my ex) used to be a EMO (emergency medical officer / paramedic) on the mines ... and we got in the car and drove ... (yep FAST) he had been fitting and felt lifeless in his hands for what seemed like forever ... 5 mins infact ... and when we got to the hospital he was STILL convulsing ... they had no paediatrician on ... as it was 2am in the morning ... just student doctors ... and instead of putting some anti fitting medication (midazolam ) under his tongue they held him down .. wrapped him up in a sheet and put an Iv line in him ... Brilliant .. right?! *sigh* So he kept fitting until Boogies dad started yelling at them ...  and then he just stopped laying lifeless on the bed ...

*Insert one of those drop to your knees - My life feels like it is over mummy moments*

From that moment on he had febrile convulsions at the drop of a hat ... anything over 39 we went straight to the hospital ... It was scary ... seeing your child shake until he was lifeless .. It was a Nightmare!! Anyway... My AMAZING Mum who works at a hospital ... asked around her work for ideas and eventually Googled too of course and came across a device called a TempGuard ... 

You clip it onto the nappy/pants near the belly button and turn it on ... it has a parental receiver that you set an alarm to a certain temperature .. ours was 38.5 & 39 ... meaning he was on his way up .. we used to leave it sitting near his baby monitor ... so that we had peace of mind ... saved us lots of sleep!!!

This device has literally saved  Boogie from having more prolonged fits and convulsions on more than 1 occasion ... which of course are not good for his Brain ... 

Below I have put a bit of INFO from a website in Australia which sells them (which is out of stock at the moment - even though I am sure you can get them elsewhere) ... But I highly recommend them!! Even if just for peace of mind first time mummy jitters!!! AMAZING!! 

"Tempguard is the first wireless device of its kind in Australia to offer parents the ability to monitor a child's temperature 24 hours a day without intrusive methods.

This revolutionary device stands to change the way we monitor fever in children forever.

With the Tempguard, a temperature reading can be transmitted to you from as far away as 30 metres, through walls around corners and updated every 10 seconds so you are always aware of your child's temperature.

This great feature means that you can monitor your child's fever as he/she goes about their normal daily routine without any need for you to disturb them. Then when it is bedtime, you can tuck them in and not worry about having to wake them in order to take their temperature. Now you can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that if there is any dramatic change in your child's temperature the alarm will sound.

Tempguard can also be used to monitor a Newborn baby's sleeping temperature. When you first bring baby home from the hospital, place the Tempguard on them and you will know from their very first sleep if they are too hot or too cold in their bed. All the guesswork is now eliminated. (Please keep in mind that overheating during sleep is one of the suspected causes of SIDS)
  • Accurate to within 0.1oC
  • No wires or probing
  • Simple to use
  • Works 24 hrs a day
  • Water resistant
  • 12 months warranty
  • 30 metre range
  • 30 day money back guarantee
Each Tempguard package consist of a thermometer unit or child's unit which clips onto the child's nappy or pants and a monitoring unit or parent's unit which the parent or guardian can carry with them or place next to their bed at night.

On the back of the child's unit is a small sensor, which touches the skin. When placed in the advised position this sensor will take the child's temperature every 5 seconds.

This reading, which can be in Celsius or Fahrenheit, is then transmitted to the parent's unit in 0.1oC increments.

The parents unit has an alarm feature, which allows you to input a temperature setting that you wish to be alerted at. Once the preset temperature is exceeded 4 beeping signals, in 8-second intervals, will alert you.

The Tempguard has a range of 30 metres so you can safely move around the house and your child's temperature may be constantly displayed to you or leave the monitor in a safe place and if there is any fluctuation in temperature you will be alerted."

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nominated :)

Nawwwww so Nicole from Life Living has nominated me as an up and coming Blogger - Bless her .. I am just humbled that other bloggers read my banter and mind dribble lol :)  .... As part of my nomination I was given a list of 11 questions to answer and then at the end I am going to nominate 11 too .. almost like a Blogging daisy chain so to speak and hopefully feel as loved as I do!!!

So here goes :

Do You Have A Hobby?

Hobbies ... Well if I could remember what one of those were ... I would say YES lol ...
I love making cupcakes .. Baking etc ... otherwise when I was younger Painting and drawing ... I recently bought some supplies but with all things Boogie going on... I have not had much of a chance to do anything with them ... I love being creative though but usually in a nice relaxed Boogie free Art and craft environment is ALOT less stressful!! lol

Whatever Happened To Your Best Friend In School? Are You Still In Contact?

Yes most of them ... We had a pretty big group of close friends in high school and I am in contact with all but 2 or 3 .... I catch up on a regular basis (around my busy life anyway) with as many of them as I can ... those I don't I love a good chat with or the occasional laugh on facebook!!! It is such a good tool for busy mummies ... I don't know how my mum got through having 3 of us with little contact to the outside world :P 

Your Favourite Holiday Destination Is?

Out of the ones I have been to? Or the ones I plan to visit?!  Been to .. so far would be Hong Kong ... But then of course I got to visit the magical kingdom and stay in a club suite for my birthday .. what could be a more perfect destination than that? Especially sharing it with 9 of your closest family and friends and your one and only special little man!!!!

My next destination that I am saving for is the US ... have a whole big fat map planned out .. driving route 66 and visiting all of the Magic kingdoms and hopefully a magic Disney cruise too!!! But I am pretty sure I have shared that with you all before :) 

What Was A Defining Moment In Your Life?

Defining Moment .. WOW ... This year I guess ... Realising that there are sooo many things that I just can't change ... and I just can't fix ... I am one of those people that needs to have everything planned out and in control .. and I can't control all of things that happen with Boogies body ... or mine with all my health stuff going on in the background too ... As frustrating as it is ... I am just a sucker along for the ride .. A very unpredictable ride ... and that I have to let go ... and ask for HELP ... and until this year ... I was the head strong person that would never ask for it ... I think once you realise you can let go .. and let other people in ... it is not you being weak ... it is you getting to the outer of your limitations ... and that is why there are other people out there in the universe whose limitations pick up where yours left off!! I guess like the proverbial bubble ... when yours pops there is always another to take its place... 

Do You Play A Sport, If So What? If Not What Sport Do You Like To Watch And Why?

Sport :P haha .. I haven't played sport .. properly in years ... after breaking my ankle and ending up with pins in it ... the answer is No ... Sports I like to watch ... Motor sports ... the occasional Soccer match .. I am one of those LOUD people that yell at the tv ... I am not a good person to watch sport around ... so I generally avoid it lol

What Is Your Favourite Meal?

Oh my god I can't pick one .... Honestly!!! I can rule out seafood if you like - being that I am allergic to seafood.. crustacean and Iodine :P   I love trying new stuff!! I love Pho ... I love Pork Rolls ... I love Hong Kong Pork Ribs with mayo ... mmmmmmmmmm  ... I LOVE Mexican ... I love Maltese food ( My dads heritage) ... I love Indian curries ... I just love food in general ... unfortunately food doesn't love my waistline ... but then that is a whole other answer all together lol

Can You Remember The Name Of Your First Boyfriend / Girlfriend?

Wow I had a few crushes ... If I discount a few of them that probably didn't see out the week with .. the first one that I was really in love with .. that loved me back .. and I could see us going to the end of time together ... it would have been Adam .. we only broke up because I was going to move to England to be an Au-Pair ... I could go through my list of extreme failed relationships ... actually only really 2 after that ... but I won't bore you with my dirty laundry :P lol 

What do you drive?

A car!! No seriously .. A car .. A huyundai .. which hopefully won't be for too much longer because the fuel costs are driving me UP THE WALL!!!!! 

Glass Half Empty / Half Full?
The glass is ALWAYS HALF FULL!!! The day your glass is empty means you have no more hope ... and hope makes the world spin around as far as I am concerned!!!

What Was Your First Job?

First Job ... Was for my dad as a factory hand!!! At the age of 10 ... I used to do it to spend time with him!! Masking up and sanding the stuff for my dad to paint -he was and still is part time a french polisher... Back in the day he was the best in the state ... everyone came to him for colouring advice etc ...  Also .. if I am going to be honest I was probably one of his best workers out ... lol I think it is where my love of OCD cleaning started too ... Scrubbing the toilets in a factory of all BOYS (no .. I didn't say men for obvious reasons as men can aim .. boys can't :P ) Just so I could use them!! lol  I then went on to work at World 4 Kids (A Toy Store) ... where I met sooo many awesome people!!! Some who I still talk to some 17 years later!!! (Scary when you think about it like that lol)

Is There Something You Would Change About Yourself And Why?

Yep sure is ... If I could have my time again .. I would not be soo trusting of other people ... and more trusting of my own gut instinct!!! Sooo many things I would but can't change to do with not trusting people ... I was one of those believed that I could see the best in EVERYONE ... turns out some people don't have a best side ... Wow .. that was a bit dark :\

So 11 random facts about me .... 

I was a killer roller skater back in my day ... we had Melissa George as one of our group leaders and I used to prance around in those little sequin outfits that I would rather crawl up in a ball and die than wear nowadays...

A descendant on my mums side was one of the last Sheriffs of Nottingham ... which is were my mums family hails from :)

I have 3 pins in my ankle from where I slipped on an ice floor in a work freezer and wedged it under a stainless steal shelf snapping it ... yep ... OUCH!!

I am an avid collector of 1980's movies and tv shows ... yep they include seasons 1-3 of Punky Brewster .. different strokes .. etc ... I loveeeeeee wholesome stuff and am trying to pass that onto Boogie ... So far successful ... His favourite movies are ... Short Circuit .. Gumby  .. Drop Dead Fred ... and The Sooty Show :) 

I can't sleep at night without the tv on .... it all stems from as a child when our house got broken into .. they stole my jewellery box among hundreds of other things ... Oh and the tv ... and I slept that night FREAKING out .. cos I was used to sleeping with mum and dad snuggled together on the lounge watching tv together ... it was like a safety net that was taken away ... I try and set it on sleep mode ... but if I have to wake up to Boogie .. I need to turn it back on and start all over again lol ... yep I am a freak :P

I know the basics of rock n roll dancing and jive ... Before getting married my ex husband and I took lessons for a year along with my mum and older brother ... I love everything 1950's ... yet again .. there is that wholesome streak!!

I love singing ... I have been doing it since I was little ... started on the knee of my mum and dad and come from a VERY musical family!!! I have been singing in choirs ... choral ensembles ... and solo vocally for MANY years and have won trophies medals .. blah blah blah the list goes on ... Performed with Judith durham of the seekers in the backing choir ... and at the opera house where we took out vocal ensemble against the US Boeing 747 choir in 1999

Ummm (struggling now)  I have LOTS of problems with my left ear ... after bursting my bloody ear drum coming back from Sydney Opera House competition as I was full of flu and screamed the plane down during the descent ... I ended up in hospital where the whole side of my face swelled up to the point of not being able to move it ... and had to suck food through a straw ... lol yep you can tell I am running out of stuff now!! 

I am an avid Tupperware collector ... all complete with lids stacked nicely in the cupboard ... It has to be coloured .. I don't like the boring clear ones... anddd ... It surely doesn't rival my mums collection BUT my cupboard is not booby trapped like I know we always left hers ... and I am pretty sure 13 years after moving out of home is still in the same booby trapped state!!!

I HATE Durian ... Just the smell of it in the same room as me is enough to make me dry retch!!! The first time I experienced it was in sago pudding .. I opened it up .. didn't smell amazing ... took a mouthful in my mouth and proceeded to power chuck 5 metres across the room!!! Can you now imagine me on my hands and knees cleaning up said vomit .. dry retching as I go?! lol

I always sleep with one limb out of the doona!!! Usually a leg ... usually my right leg ... I don't know why ... It just happens lol I am sure your all the same?!

Soooooooooooo that is my 11 ... scary right?!  I don't know if I am supposed to come up with a different 11 questions or the same 11 ... so I am going to steal the ones Nicole had to answer .. just because hers were awesome and I would love to get to know people through some of their answers to those questions too!!! Obviously they are not obliged to do it ... And there are some in the list that have quite hectic and heart breaking lives ... But I just want you to know your all a daily part of me .. I love sharing your laughs .. your love and your journeys .. whether they be happy or sad witty or sarcastic ... I draw from each and one of your journeys personally and I cherish everything you write... YOU INSPIRE ME ... <3

11 Blogs that I avidly follow and would like to get to know more and spread some Blog love to are : 

Where's My Glow
Barefoot In The Kitchen
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It's The Little Things
Harvey The Cure-ageous Lion :  I know you may not want to write one - but there are many of us out there following your story of absolute heart break xx Just know we are thinking about you x
Two Little Humans And Me
This Ausome Family
Always Josefa
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Mummy Hearts Money

Hope you see the fun in participating and networking some more ... Just like I have :) Here are your questions :

1.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
2.  What do you love most about your life right now?

3.  What are the 5 most important things in your bag right now?
4.   What were the emotions that you confronted / experienced in your very first Blog post?
5.   One interesting thing about your family tree / heritage?
6.   The colour you most have in your wardrobe and why?
7.   Northern Hemisphere or Southern?
8.   How would you spend 2 million dollars?
9.   Is there a makeup product that you can't go without and if so what shade/brand?!
10. A character Trait that you have?
11.  Is there something you would change about yourself and why?

Oh and don't forget your 11 tit-bit facts too!!! You know you want to (haha)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Little Jobs

Soo .. thought I would share what I do at home for rewards etc .... We have done the rewards charts for stickers since he was little and it used to be the thrill of getting them etc but they have now lost their charm .... So stickers now have a value!! 15 stickers are accumulated for a prize ... only $10 in value ... or if he collects 30 .. it is an outing ...

For example at the moment .. he picked a marble race track game from kmart for his reward at the end .... 

Our Reward Challenge This Month - 4 Stickers Already!!

Stickers can be accumulated by having a no tantrum - no get out of bed before the alarm goes kind of day ... or by doing little chores around the house ... He gets to choose if his sticker goes on the outing wall ... or if it goes on the reward box ... which I love because he is making a conscious decision that can't be changed ... 

He has started doing stuff like (under my watchful eye of course)

Collecting the mail - which has to be done for the week for a sticker as it is pretty basic....
Sorting out a basket of his clothes into his clothes drawers ...
Putting Dirty clothes in the washing machine... 

Emptying the plastics and cutlery out of the dishwasher .. (not sharps obviously incase he stumbles)

I don't count cleaning his room or putting the toys away in the toyroom sticker worthy ... only because my philosophy (or OCD - whatever you want to call it lol) is if you pull it out .. you put it away!! He understands that... and knows that if he is going to pull out a whole toybox ... he has to put them away before he pulls out another .. works pretty well for us if I am going to be honest :)

I have been meaning to share this little age appropriate chore chart that I stumbled upon a couple of months ago ... I am only making him do stuff within his capabilities ... obviously Boogies hands don't have the motor skills required to wash glass plates but he knows how to stack the dishwasher or hand wash with his plastic stuff and I am happy with that!!!

What kinds of things do you expect or get your kids to do around the house?? I am looking for lots of kiddy friendly good ideas!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tried & Tested!!

There is soooooooo much advice out there for picky eating .. fussy eaters ... sensory eaters ... orally aversive What ever label you want to give it ... That it is sooooooo confusing for us mummies of picky eaters.  We have tried sooo many different techniques over the last few years ... Before it even had a real label for us ... I was following some of the thousands of different ways to get food through those lips!!! Ok so not a thousand but it feels like it right?!  And just because they haven't worked for us ... Doesn't mean they won't work for someone else!! Basically keep it all positive .. don't let onto them that anything is negative or positive .. I have found out the hard way that your little happy dance .. or tears of frustration have to be behind closed doors!!  Otherwise it can become behavioural .. knowing they get a positive or negative reaction out ... I know my little man certainly does!!! lol

Force Feeding :  Basically .... as a baby I tried every trick in the book just to get his mouth open to try the food ... he used to refuse time and time again ... gagging on peas ... gagging on chunky food ... He HATED them!!! Certain formulas would be power chucked across a room ... .they kept telling me it was colic ... a bad gag reflex ... reflux ... I have heard them all ... If your here .. reading this because you have been sent to my Blog by someone on the feeding team ... I absolutely sympathise with you!! Yes I have tried it all... yes I admit it probably wasn't my best option in hindsight (isn't it wonderful) .. But who hasn't rammed the spoon back in their babies mouth after having them spit it out and pull a funny face?! 

Routine Feeds : Where you literally time and feed your child at regular intervals including fluids ... so they are getting a stomach full at all times ... At one stage I was getting him to have a mouthful of food every 10 mins ... and it would take that whole 10 minutes to get him to chew ... it was HORRIBLE!!!

Food Chains or Food Webs :  Progressing and linking one food to another - something that hasn't worked for us ... You start with a "SAFE FOOD" and lets say it is rice ... you change the consistency or you add something to it to try and link another safe food in ... We are pretty set in our ways with our safe foods ... there are patterns and every now and then something will work .. or you can add a new flavour .. but for us .. it is tried once and not again .. (unfortunately) ... I made him a HUGE part of this process .. helping me cook said safe foods ... so he knew what was going in ... he could choose the new link etc ... NOTHING lol

Buffet Style Meals :  Where you serve a multitude of different foods like a buffet in a restaurant ... making sure 1 safe food and drink is on the table ... Everything goes in its own bowl on the table ... they can choose what they like ... My only rule is that 4 things need to be on the plate ... it doesn't matter if they are 4 of the same thing ... As long as there is a variety of options ... some kids won't even allow unsafe food on the table ... I am lucky that as long he doesn't touch it.... This at the moment is getting us a few new tries ... but not alot of permanence on our dinner menu's but a bit is pure gold to me!!! 

Playing With Food : Options galore ... and we are learning alot about this at the moment through our Feeding Therapy (S.O.S for feeding) Make some food ... who cares if it sweet or savoury ... all different textures and consistencies .. paint a picture with some different rainbow jellies ... Build a sandcastle with some Coco Pops .. squish them crunch them like a dinosaur ... get out your old wooden stamps and stamp out on paper with some spaghetti sauce .... Spray some whipped cream out of the can on each other... Basically nothing is off limits ... if you can get their hands in it ...  they might just happen to lick and taste a finger ... or maybe some gets on their face (completely by accident of course) turn it into a game ... Hide some lollies in some custard ... You can always hide some different things in some ice cream and re-set it in the freezer!! Sooo many possibilities!! 

Serving Tiny  : We had small success with reducing what was on the plate ... instead of bargaining what was a big plate of food with options ... clearly you want them to eat regardless ... put 1 pea .. 1 quarter of a sandwhich (a safe food) .. that is 2 things .. and PRAISE  PRAISE PRAISE if they even try one thing ... let them understand there will be plenty of other times and snacks coming up so if they don't try they can always come back at the next snack time .. Feed less ... more often ... at least you know .. even if they are only eating a little bit .. they are doing it at regular intervals!! 

Child Led Feeding : Don't talk about it ... if the child is hungry (as long as they can communicate this) let them be ... they will tell you ... have visual snacks around ... they have the option of self serve .. Problem with this is if it is not safe foods on offer ... like with Boogie .. they would rather starve themselves some times ... trust me .. been there done that quite unsuccessfully!! :( It is something that did not work for us .. unless it was favourites ALL the time .. According to specialists ... THEY know when THEY are hungry ... my answer to that was always a retaliation of .. Well people suffering from anorexia don't want to eat .. does this mean they don't have to?! 

Gimmicks : Hey I am not going to judge... if you've got to lay out the skewers or serve it pretty for them to try it ... it is worth a try .. but don't kill yourself doing it!!! You can get food picks from Bento shops (there are many online) But there has got to be a line ... don't set yourself up so they will only eat it that way that takes you 40 mins to prep every meal time ... your just going to burn yourself out ... trust me ... I know from experience!! lol

The Scary Neighbour : Getting the Scary neighbour in .. is NOT a good idea if you have a sensory child ... I was shown all the different ways ... getting someone to intimidate/trick/pressure your child into eating...Sometimes it is just the pressure that we as parents seem to put on them .. they sense the fear from us .. and the anxiousness in the air so to speak!!!  may work for some .. if it is just a behavioural thing .. but will also make it a negative eating experience .. they are then playing you .. not a habit you would want to get into unless you are desperate I am guessing?!

Play Dates : Try serving some new food when they have a friend over Buffet style on a snack plate obviously... If they see their "Best Friend" eating something new ... they might just try it ... Yes .. it is potentially setting your child up for peer pressure ... but maybe they see them eating it and enjoying it ... you just never know!! 

Let Them Shop :  Take a mini shopping trolley with you ... Some shops have them anyway ... tell them they have 7 different things they would like to try ... One for each day ... You just never know ... It was hit and miss for us ... some things like chocolate etc might end up in the trolley .. but who cares if they are eating right?!

Growing Your Own : We have done the whole plant some veggies ... Water them .. Watch them grow ... Bring it in .. Wash it off ... Slice n Dice ... Try some raw ... (spit it out) ... Try some cooked (gag gag gag .. lol)  You never know ... it may work for you!!! 

Order Online :  Why not try ordering something from online ... with their name on it  (if they can read) maybe they can be part of the process of ordering it ... Sooo many places deliver now ... so they get the excitement of ordering it ... receiving it and potentially signing for it LOL ... opening the box ... trying it ... looking at it .. poking at it ... or playing with it?! It has worked a few times for us ... the excitement is a great build up!!! 

Hide Them :  My FAVOURITE recipe book is called Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld!!! It has sooooooooo many super yummy recipes and there is at least 2 things hidden in them ... they don't always work .. but if you find a recipe inside for one of your safe foods ... it may just work ... HOWEVER .. this is something the kids can't be around for to help cook lol ... and you have to do all the purees after they have gone to bed to stop the psycho confrontation of it all ... Just don't tell them it is in there .. otherwise you may just lose a safe food :( 

Bribery :  We have a sticker chart at home ... If a new food is tried at dinner time .. (NOT a safe food) at the end of the meal we get a sticker for the day on our chart ... if there is 10 stickers at the end of a week .. there is either a small prize ... or we save them up .. and 20 stickers is an outing or pressie of choice (In our case usually a board game) .. Can only try right?!

Gastro-Nasal Tube Feeding : When things get desperate this is a tube that feeds straight down that liquids including pediasure can be fed!! We have done this a few times in hospital ... especially when he was really little in the NICU ..

Gastro Feeding Tube : Something that thankfully have not had to go down that path ... it is when all else fails .. the tube is inserted via an incision in the stomach as a direct line into their stomach and through to the small intestine ... Literally it is one of the last lines of defense ... I pray that none of reading this .. ever have to get to that desperate stage! xx

So ... sooooo far ... that is it ... that is almost everything that we have tried ... hit and miss with every single one of them ... we have been lucky enough not to do Gastro feeding tube ... and hopefully will never get to that stage ... If anyone has ANY OTHER options or things you have tried .. let me know ... so I can add them to the list .. We can all try together!!! Have an awesome day guys!!! xx