Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beanies, Hot chocolate & Cuddles Oh My!!!

Don't you just LOVE Autumn?!

I think being a winter baby I am partial to the season as it is getting cooler ... and as much as I don't mind (too much) the cold weather... I hate that it is a giant jinx on my little man's impending bad health months ... Our Thalassemia keeps us nice and cold - if only we were polar bears *sigh* ... Winter essentials are Thick socks ... Singlets ... Heat Packs ... Hot chocolate and Beanies!! It sucks that when we get cold we can't just heat ourselves up ... When our bodies are fighting off an infection/flu/cold as well it is like having the dreaded man-flu squared - our bodies just shut down ...

All it takes is one single bloody sneeze or cough from one random incubus of plague ... and BAM we are both sick for a month.. We both have iron deficient anaemia on top of it all ... so the lack of anti-bodies and the time it takes to build anything up is ridiculous ... You ask any of my besties through high school, how many days I missed ... and I was only there every other day ... I was ALWAYS sick.. and throw on top everything else Boogie has to deal with.. It is AMAZING how well he copes.  We are constantly doing homework and school work on his ipad (god's gift to sick kids!!)  So far we have missed 3 days of the first week this term ... only due to appointments, reviews, clinics, specialist appointments and therapy ... Pretty good effort I thought until he got a cold over the weekend that is affecting his asthma *sigh* But back at school today again!! Finally ... The ventolin and steroids he takes to control it make him absolutely bonkers lol ... and by the time he is starting to feel well again I am praying for a school day!! As long as he isn't too sick I think he likes going to PMH the most though even being sick ... I guess the fun trips upto the starlight room visit the captain starlights!! They do such an amazing job in there!! Cannot fault them or their ability to put a smile on every single little face.

Got a bit off track there but in all thats it .... Spring brings pollen ... Summer brings unbearable heat (not good for his temps) ... Full blown winter brings Flu a giant catastrophe in itself.. I guess there is something sucky about every season!!  They say that the season you were born is your favourite ... I don't mind it I guess it means bored games ... an extra doona and lots of cuddles!! If only there was a climate controlled bubble I could put him in!! lol What is your favourite season?

The Starlight Express Room :) 

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