Monday, May 13, 2013


So I thought I would share a little dream that I have had since I was little, and one I hope to accomplish on my years left on this forsaken planet :) 

I am a Disney girl, through and through! There are many movies in the disney family ... but I must say for me I love watching the old school Mickey and Minnie episodes.  Boogie loves the Toy Story trilogy and Disney cars 1 and 2 ... If I had to pick one movie in particular from growing up it would probably be peter pan or the little mermaid!! 

Anyway my bucket-list in life is to attend every Disney, Including an awesome Cruise on one of the Disney cruise liner ships - preferably to alaska! Not sure if it is going to be possible financially until I retire now as having a high needs dependant child costs ALOT but only time will tell :) 

I can't define the single moment in my life that made me a Disney girl, I remember as a kid sitting in my Nanna and Nannu's  lounge room, watching Looney Tunes with my cousins on Sunday mornings. So I am really not sure where this undying love of all things disney came from.  But what is not magical about all the perfect princess stories, and untainted g-rated humour of Mickey, Minnie and of course Pluto their fur-baby!   

But when I analyse it in my head a little. Isn't Mickey Mouse just the perfect gentleman? How lucky is Minnie mouse, I mean how many years have they been together now? And they are still the perfect couple! Neither of them age, they are adored by people of all ages, they are admired and they are the perfect little family every couple or family (including their fur baby pluto of course) should aspire to!! 

I love their mischevious nature, the fun that ensues and the magic of all things disney, every morning is a new way to make his life that little bit more magical.  Thank god I have my beautiful everloving boogie to cruise through life with (no pun intended) xx

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