Sunday, May 19, 2013

Driving Miss Mummy Bonkers!!!

Ok so Sunday I like to make the whole day about Boogie ... No cleaning (or if so very little) and play games watch movies together or generally do something fun ... Yesterday was no exception!!  Now I don't know if I have divulged before now that Peter Pan is one of Boogs top 5 movies!!  We have his whole bedroom decked out in Peter Pan splendour thanks to the GRAND Christmas effort from Grandma and her partner!!!

And the Mural she had painted!!

Grandmas Amazing Bed Effort!!

So after seeing Peter Pan in the Hoyts Jnr. section on the weekend, I knew even after watching it a minimum of 1000 times in the last couple of years that we had to go and see it!!  $7 with a kids size bucket of popcorn ... How could I go wrong??  I didn't tell him what we were doing and remained close lipped every time he asked me... Just telling him the shops every time he asked.  But as soon as he saw we were parking upstairs and progressed through those doors... He knew!!! There is nothing else really on that floor to do except eat waffles and ice cream orrrrrrrr play in the timezoney type place.  After fighting with the ticket machine (as I had prepaid for them online) for what seemed like half an hour we joined the queue to collect our popcorn oh and a drink of course as they go hand in hand!

We ended up the very last cinema right at the very end ... Which for a kid with Cerebral Palsy .. and a mummy laden with bag ... 2 popcorn and 2 drinks ... wanting to be carried was a long shot!!  He did his half limp half run for most of it and then STUPID MUMMY who at the time thought it was a good idea to sit in the back row... ( I do this so there is nobody behind me coughing and sneezing on me - YES I am a germaphobe) Let me tell you it was a LONG trek up those stairs!!! *sigh* I will have to remember that for next time.

Sitting down smack bang in the middle of the back row (Just how I like it!!) Boog started scoffing his box of popcorn... Secretly I was worried ... he has a really bad gag reflex due to his sensory issues ... Don't get me wrong I loved the idea that he was eating ... but the fact was an hour before he had 2 giant pieces of fruit toast slathered with butter and Vegemite (yep I said it - his dad started him on that combination when he was little in hospital and eats the combination himself - YUCK) as well as half an up and go choc milk drink... I knew it just wouldn't stay down... How could it?! lol

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy the adverts started ... he was sooooo excited ... the lights dimmed ... and then the tell tale Peter Pan song came on ... he started bouncing on the chairs in excitement!! I kind of felt sorry for one lady in her 60's I would say ... She braved a morning kiddy session on her own to come and watch the movie ... clearly she was there alone as she sat in a row all by herself.  There were kids running around the theature and here is Boogie sat right behind her reciting word for word the whole movie... Don't get me wrong I didn't find it annoying at all I was quite proud and it was soooooo damn cute!!! But this poor lady was getting an echo of the movie and there was no surprise she knew what was coming!!  He only paused to take GIANT mouthfuls of popcorn and swigs of lemonade!!

Now what I haven't told you is Boogie has a tell tale sign he is going to throw up!!! He does this HUGE shudder like someone has walked over his grave and pulls a funny face ...which in the dark you can't really see.. But I felt it ... reaching for my box of popcorn ... He let out a big fat BLERRRRRRGH!! .. You know the sound ... the one that you hear that quickly turns into a smell that fills your nasal cavity and makes you want to hurl yourself!! I usually have a pretty strong stomach with stuff like that .. but the stench of the choc milk, fruit toast, vegemite, popcorn and lemonade was HORRIFIC!! I proceeded to clean him up and the seat ... oh and the floor too with wetwipes!!! He spent the rest of movie on my lap being sooky ... smelling like vomit cos you can never get rid of that smell and a semi blocked view due to his head being in the way.  I guess the only good thing that came out of it was at least he didn't wait til he got to the car to vomit ...

Must say though ... I thought with them releasing Peter Pan on blu-ray that they would have re-worked it and made it 3D like they have been with all the other re-released disney movies :( ... We are destined to watch it in 2D for a few years to come I think!! What Disney movie are you over watching and hearing about ... I bet there is one that just drives you BONKERS!?!

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