Wednesday, May 8, 2013

F is for FAIL

Ok so last night ... we had the mother of all melt downs ... 

One of our safe foods was not soo safe ... and after losing 1.2kg in hospital (which took us a whole year to put on),  We refused to eat, which isn't really an option for us at this point.  Basically if we don't eat and start losing weight it is goodbye last scrap of normality, hello gastro nasal tube!!

Anyway without boring you with too many details I couldn't even get apple and sultana porridge down him, rice and chicken with tomato sauce or an up and go (our fall back for calorie intake).  There was screaming, pleading, and a whole heap of ice creaming and rocking back and forth in the corner, on my part!!

It is nights like this that I feel like such a failure as a parent.  Even though somewhere in the pit of my stomach I know that I am far from a failure, I mean look how far we have come, on our own.  If it wasn't for our rigid routine and the me as a mummy pushing for what we need we wouldn't even be here!! 

It is sad because after such a good day, considering he had professionals poking and prodding him for reviews with our school holiday drama.  We had a reasonably good day.  PMH, physio and the doctors.

Good behaviour usually costs me angry birds on my phone during the consult and a trip upto the 7th floor to visit the captain starlight peeps!!

He even had a special delivery on the doorstep when we got home (wish I could have captured the face as he was opening it) But I did manage to capture the many ninja faces of boogie upon trying our new delivery on!! Remember the special package from MummyLovesCorner we were waiting for??!!! IT CAME.. IT CAME!!!! Wanna see???!!! 

Introducing.... Ninja Boogie

Aren't they Just GORGEOUS?!  Can you tell which Ninja Boogie has a mouthful of waffle?! lol Does your kid have a latest craze or obsession? Ours is definitely Ninja turtles at the moment... As if you couldn't tell! ;) 

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