Friday, May 17, 2013

Going Old School!!!

Do you know it is only a month until all the christmas toy catalogues start pouring into my mailbox!!!!!!  That is 4/6 weeks until I see the specials and about 8 weeks until we get to lock them all in!!! Excuse me while I get a little excited!!!


I love toy catalogue time ... and boogie admittedly has ALOT of toys .. but only because I am super organised ... I do all the cousins .. nieces and nephews and pay it of $10-$20 a week until christmas!! and when it rolls around all I have left to do is the few close adults that I exchange gifts with!! .. Makes life soooooooooo much easier!! And with boogies birthday only 10 weeks or so after christmas I tend to put that stuff in the laybuy and store it too.. 

But what do you get the kid that already has everything?! Itunes vouchers for his ipad that is already full?? More ninja turtles and lego?? Noooooooooo this year ... I am going old school ... and building a proper cubby house out the back with a tin roof... I am aiming for a 2 story fire house (if it looks anything like what is in my head lol we'll see)  ... Oh and a rock em sock em robot game off ebay and a few board games of course!!!

I love that board games are now back in!! Being soo sick as a kid growing up we used to play them all the time, I have soo many happy memories playing board games with my parents and brothers in the middle of winter on the lounge room floor while it was pissing down with rain!  What I love more is that I have some great friends that love board games too ... I love that we have game nights ... and I love that mason sees that and participates ... he loves playing them ... We have kiddy versions of UNO ... he has Kerplunk ... mouse trap ... Operation... Ducking for duckies ... Hungry Hippos... Connect 4... I love that all things considered "retro" even though they aren't old enough to be ... (or maybe I am just getting old now *sobs quietly in the corner rocking back and forth*) Are back in.

It makes for a great rainy day inside ... Great for his thinking strategies (he has already learnt how to cheat at some games) ... and AMAZING for him to do when he is sick as he can't run around and play :) YAY I love that he gets excited to play them ... and when asked what fun thing he wants to do today .. he answers with play a game ... I love that he loves spending time with me doing something wholesome!!!  I think my favourites to play when I was younger were.... Upwords.. Panic and Mastermind oooooh and hungry hippos ... closely followed by monopoly even though I never won!!!

What was your favourite game... Do you still have them stashed away in your closet somewhere?!  I know I still have a few!! Are you and your kids bringing the board games of the 80's back?? 


  1. I'm a board game fan. Quite often when we get together with our friends we have a game of Scrabble and it is intense with huge rivalries and scores (and quite a lot of wine too!).

    1. haha same!! The one that gets quite nasty is monopoly!!! Have a nice gold plated jarrah one in this house too would HATE for that to be overturned in anger :P