Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hear That Silence? No Me Neither!!

What is supposed to be a mummy free morning with Boogie at school ... Has turned into a coughing fit spectacular ... Normal physio is usually done on his feet and legs and arms .. But today I am finding myself with him laid across my lap tapping him out to break up the mucus in his lungs ... He is feeling pretty sorry for himself .. Confined to the couch watching movies ... Oh such a hard life!!! *rolls eyes*

You wouldn't think that getting a kid to sit still when they are sick is hard ... But hopped up on ventolin... His usual steroid preventers and some prednisalone to boot ... Is proving a bit of fun .. Definitely helps with the tantrums (not).

So today apart from school work and educational games on the I-pad we are watching mummies favourite kiddy movies ... I'm not talking disney this time so you can relax ...  Drop Dead Fred!!! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original of course) ... AND of course the Wizard Of Oz :) maybe after he has gone to bed tonight I will follow that up with Return to Oz ... Its a bit dark for him I think when he is hallucinating on a fever. 

We are part the way through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right now and I just got asked to pause it so he could ask me a question ... Ok no probs I will entertain the idea lol .. Boogie said "Right mummy ... you have 2 options" ... ok I'm listening .. "Well you can either take away the small steps ... orrr take away the big steps out the front mummy so we can build a chocolate fountain and river" LOL ... It's only a movie Boogie .. sorry!!! Don't kids just say the Darnedest things?! Have you or your kids ever come up with some amazing ideas out of the movies? 

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