Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Home is where the HUGS ARE FREE !!

No matter what... Hugs are free here!! 
(unless of course I don't know you cos then in my head it is not really free of stress - for me lol)

Hugs & Cuddles are our biggest comfort...
They are free of judgement.

They are full of Love.
And they come from the deepest part of our bodies!! 

Our hugs are like the best tasting hot chocolate in the world.  They are better than home made soup!! They fix absolutely EVERYTHING!!! 

A Mummy and Boogie hug when needed is all that matters in the world, it is protective, it is reassurance, it is trust and some days  just being cuddled up means nothing else matters.

Hugs are the last thing at night time and the first thing in the morning.  I can't think of a time where it has not been this way.  And I love that one hug between us makes everything feel better!  And I wouldn't change it EVER!!! In my head it means that any conflict, any frustration, any grumble or grievance is FORGIVEN.  Because no matter what .. I will love him .. FOREVER ... to the moon and back ... To infinity & Beyond...

And my super special squeezy hug to and from him means I know that we are as one in the same thought.  Even if only for that one little moment!  Some days there are lots of hugs and some days only 2 or so ... But not for one second do I ever want to imagine the day they dry up... Him being a teenager and not wanting to hug me after everything we have been through scares the absolute crap out of me!!!  My mum ALWAYS said to me ... never go to sleep on an argument .. and a hug fixes EVERYTHING!! If I could only teach him 2 things in the world ... they would be it!!!

Happy Mothers Day (in advance) for all you mummies out there!!! Especially mine and my Nan ... who have been there through everything helping us as much as they can!!! I can't wait to wake up to that special hug and smile this Mothers Day and spending the day with my Mum and Nan... What are you hoping to wake up to? 

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