Sunday, May 5, 2013

May the ..... 5th be with you?!

Ok .... So I forgot to press publish last night lol no need to hang and quarter me right?!

Thought I would share a flashback funny that I have from my childhood to do with Star wars..  Well not really to do with it but we were watching it at the time.  By we I mean my dad and I. 

My mum was off at work at the hospital my brothers were all tucked up in Zzzzz-land and dad put the good old vhs on the tv.  Yep I am a kid of the 80's (sobs quietly).  We were about half an hour in and lets face it I started getting a little bit bored... Back then I had better things to do with my time, like listen & dream all things Bon Jovi.  And I decided upon cleaning up everything from dinner, mainly putting a tin of beetroot away in the fridge cos I didn't get further than that!  Picking it up and then in slow motion dropping and trying to catch it, which yes stupidity prevailed and sliced a nice big chunk off the side of my thumb.  Dad didn't know where the blood began and the beetroot juice ended.  You could tell he was getting a little woozy! I ended up having to clean and bandage myself up and now have the scar to prove it lol.

So short of watching the movie we had some flashy star-warsy kind of fun anyway :)
Do your and your family have an inner nerd? How did you celebrate May the Fourth?

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