Friday, May 3, 2013

Beware : Cuteness Enclosed!

Maybe I should have some sort of disclosure waiving me on tugging your heart strings with todays post!! 
At the end (If you make it that far - cos lets face it, I got a bit off track today)There is the most super cutest picture of my little man!! (Hey, don't judge me I can be biased if I want to!!)

Soooooo when Boogie was little, I had to fight to get things (hats/beanies) on his head. It makes alot more sense now that I know he has sensory processing disorder not wanting to wear or feel things (well to a certain degree - I guess I will never totally understand, what is going on in his gorgeous little head).  But now he is a beanie kid through and through, and of course that has indulged me somewhat because back before I was a mummy & could afford to I LOVED to accessorize!!

Anyway back on track ... We LOVE Giggle & Hoot from ABC kids: I'm sure your all blatently aware of the super smexy jimmy giggle - what red blooded mummy isn't right?! Boogie was lucky enough to be given a super giggle T-shirt From his Uncy R. all inclusive including eyemask & cape.  So of course whenever we are in a super mood it is the go to outfit which he pairs up with his cute blue little skinny jeans and he looks totally adorable.  

Recently while wasting time, cos lets face it after the housework, physio, therapy and school based stuff is all done, if you don't want to participate in the lego building or make mess AGAIN with art & craft, there isn't much else to do when he is in his own little robot building lego extravaganza kind of world. I found a local lady via facebook surfing (gotta love time wasting) And she makes gorgeous little hand knitted EVERYTHING oh and beanies especially... Shout out to MummyLovesCorner  for our hoot tassled beanie cuteness!! Oh and the countless others that we have bought off you, angrybirds & our pending by special request order that I know is being sent tomorrow <3

Needless to say Super boogie loves it just as much as I do!! So where has my little Super Giggle & Super 
Hoot ramble come from?!

Last night we managed to score tickets to the live show that is coming in June and just the hint of going sent super boogie into a Flurry of excitement.  Giggle & Hoot among others have gotten him through super long never ending weeks of hospital and being home bound.  When he didn't have the energy to bounce around Super Hoot was doing it for him, letting him have just enough energy to giggle his way through an afternoon!

What is even cuter is that most nights when he is tucked into bed, he has a singing hoot, and we both sing along to hoot's lullaby, with the cutest little sentiment of telling him see you in the morning and him responding with the "hoot hoot"... Do I get a big gush of awwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhh from you all?! I know I do it everynight. In my head anyway cos you know none of the cool kids are talking to themselves nowadays!! But it is such a proud mummy moment for me,  2 years ago we were using a picture communication board just so I knew what it was that he wanted.  Obviously there were only soo many things it had on it, but everything else we just guesstimated our way through.  So Singing a song (one of my greatest pleasures in life) is like a tiny miracle sprouting to life, even though his words aren't perfectly articulated, it is a HUGE step for us!!! 

So thanks Mr super smexy giggle & hootaliscious this super boogie and super mummy post goes out to you for your countless hours of entertainment and inspiration! 

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