Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Ok here it is ... The rant of the century ... You can probably see the steam coming out of my ears ... I still haven't calmed down and it has been over 3 hours!!!!  My Boogie who supposedly has an aide at school to make sure he doesn't hurt himself ... Fall over ... has help with all things personal hygiene because they can't change a bloody tap over to a flip tap .. and to make sure he has help with ALL of the uneven surfaces at school which is basically the WHOLE SCHOOL ... who has .8 aide time .... Didn't have an aide today ... And guess what ... Surprise surprise ... He fell over and bumped his head ... not something little but head to concrete with a HUGE lump.... The only good thing that came out of today was that for once ... they rang me and told me ... *sigh*

As if separation anxiety on his part wasn't enough ... The fear of will my kid have someone who knows how to deal with his asthma ... will someone be watching the signs and tell him to slow down.. and not run cos he is struggling soo much to the point he is struggling to breathe?! Will someone be there to make sure he doesn't end up with concussion because some kid accidentally bumped him ... Will he drink enough ... Is someone actually going to make sure he eats and drinks?? GRRRRRRRRRRR

Some days it is just too much .... He comes home the middle of summer with cracked lips and sunken eyes ... because surprise surprise his teachers aide hasn't made sure he has drunk or eaten anything out of his lunch box ... She just lets him throw it in the bin ... and he doesn't hide the fact he has done it ... I ask him ... and his drink bottle comes back full of water just like it went there ... WHERE IS THE DUTY OF CARE??
He has someone there who is supposed to help him ... that the government pays for .. because he has the RIGHT to be able to equally participate in school and be safe ...

So what do I do?? Who actually listens?? I swear every single time I walk into that office I can hear the whole faculty simultaneously rolling their eyes ... Pushy mummy is here again ... Don't you mean mummy that wants a simple health of her child to not deteriorate while he is in your care??  It makes my blood boil ... and it is days like today that I feel like wrapping him up in the giant metre long roll of quilt wadding; a hole for his eyes, nose and mouth and holes for his legs and arms to poke out!!  What is sad is that some days it probably wouldn't be an overreaction!


Anyway he is ok... have to keep him awake for a few more hours ... blah blah blah ... and it is documented with the doctor ... you know just incase ... But honestly .. Home school is looking like a really good option right now ... But he is such a little social butterfly .. Stuck between a rock and a hard place tonight ... Had I been a school teacher pre-mummy I don't even think I would bat an eyelid at making that decision .. He is such a happy kid there most of the time ... and it isn't his teacher who decides it is the schools decision how much of his aide time he actually receives ... Hmmm

Have any of you home schooled or thought about it?  Have you ever reacted badly to something that has happened at school?

One Unhappy Little Camper :( 

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