Wednesday, May 22, 2013


There are a few small honours of having a special needs child ... and the biggest one is the countless hours of GIGGLES ...  SMILES... LOVE and HUGS!!

I can't get enough of them!! Especially the giggles ... Having hypersensitive Sensory Processing disorder ... even the smallest tickle is a bunch of giggles ... I am sooo lucky that he doesn't hate them .. he giggles his little bum off!!  Last week we were given tickets to see a magic/comedian show .. It was put on for some of the kids through the cerebral palsy centre and some other associations for the kids ... And Boogie loved every little second of it!!

He is now obsessed with magic tricks and telling silly little jokes from the show because he thinks they are hilarious .. and in the words of the comedian from RAZZAMATAZZ it is hilariously "SEXY" he pulls this funny little expression and does his 2 thumbs up just like Marty Putz from the show. It was such a fantastic night out between the fantastic magician who involved some of the kids to the absolutely hilarious who had Boogie in stitches.  Literally there were a few points during the show where we had the eyes of maybe 500 people on us because his laugh is just soo damn contagious... He was laughing well after the comedian had finished his skit.

We have been out this week and managed to score a box of magic tricks aimed at kids 5+ for only $10 from Target and he was soooooo excited to be learning some magic tricks ... He spent the morning after doing his school work, trying to figure them out and giggling his bum off at himself for his little jokes that he thinks are hilarious.. It is soo cute .. and I am soo glad that he is happy considering his asthma is playing up ... It is definitely the little things that make you happy!! He is one of mine ... whether he be smashing windows *sigh* or just giggling his bum off .. I am glad that I have him!!! 


Are you a sucker for magic tricks?? I bet you all have a funny to share with me us!! G-rated so I can share it with him of course.... Ready ... Go ..... 

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