Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sensory Heaven!!

Ok... So having a child with sensory issues makes even the funnest day difficult.  Something as simple as a dance party for your cousins birthday turned into 100 minutes of whingey, whiney, head tucked into mums crevices, hands over ears heaven.  

We went from being at the cuzzy wuzzies house... to total melt down as soon as the music started playing... I literally couldn't even sit down without boogie being all over me!  Anyone who knows boogie personally knows that he isn't a shy kid when around other children, he is usually pretty outgoing.. UNTIL they engage in something that just crosses his boundaries... 

Getting him off my lap took all 3 cousins repeatedly hounding him to dance ... 5 chicken nuggets ... 1 sausage roll ... a mess of tomato sauce ... and a flashing blue bracelet ... All so he could participate in the LAST birthday game to win a prize ... *SIGH* ... who ever told me that having kids was easy .... I challenge you to a day in my shoes ... I will even make them my sparkly red ones for an interesting journey!!!

Do your kids have any quirks? Wether they be routine, illness related or just something that makes you smile?

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