Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some Things You Learn The Hard Way

Up until now .. I have had these check-lists in my head .. for me .. and boogie .. but I have never put them in writing ... All things considered we have life pretty good ... mostly because I have my AMAZING friends and family around me AND because I have the most beautiful little man who makes me smile - when he isn't breaking windows and running amok!! lol  So here they are ... the things I try and keep to in my life and the things I want to instill in my little person ..

1. Treat others with the SAME RESPECT you would expect from them.  You don't know what they are dealing with inside... If someone was depressed ... it could easily push them over the edge.
2. Random Acts of kindness ... Put a smile on someones face ... And know there will be one on yours by the end of it!! 
3.  Holding a grudge will chew up more of your energy than you should really waste on a person.. and NEVER go to bed on an argument!!!!!  These things have taken me at least 4 years now to get back in my head and regular life routine!!! Think of all that positive energy I have wasted in the mean time .. 
4. Believe it or not .. No matter how much of a good person you are ... Bad things can and will happen to you ... It is the lesson you learn from it that will make you stronger and a Better person.
5. A good cry makes everything feel better ... Let it all out .. even if you just pour it into a pillow .. Things will ALWAYS look brighter on the other side!! 
6. Take the time to smile!!! It won't cost you anything but you can gain everything from it ... If this means something soo simple as hugging your little person or making him giggle .. It is totally worth it!! 
7. If someone asks you if you need help ... NEVER SAY NO... chances are you will probably need that help 5 mins or 5 months down the road ...  Soooooo hard ... and something that usually eats out my conscience on a daily basis .. but slowly and surely I am learning to say YES!!
8. Love yourself!!! Nobody will love you unless you can love you!! Inside and out!! 
9. Always plan for the inevitable ... If it doesn't happen then you might have an awesome rainy day fund for the future.  
10. Keep yourself healthy first ... If you don't then your not going to be able to look after the rest of the happenings going on in your life!! 
11. You can't change other people ... Only they can change themselves!!! And if you push them to change .. they never will!! Focus on you and changing yourself for the better ... maybe they will see that and want to become a better person themselves... If not then they probably don't really belong in your life anyway.

12. Have high standards ... Yeah it is ok to make a mistake once in a while ... But don't go back there .. raise the bar every time and you will eventually be floating amongst the stars!! 
13. I know this one sounds religious.. BUT... God wouldn't have given you something you can't handle!! You are always stronger than you think you are!! Pushing your boundaries will only make you stronger!! 
14. Don't Let ANYONE bring you down. People only judge other peoples lives because they aren't happy with their own!! Let them be their own undoing .. not yours!!

Well that's it ... My random ramble for the day ..  Some of them have been passed onto me from my parents ... and the rest I had to figure out on my own ... I know Boogie will have to figure some of them out too before he believes them for himself ...  What life lessons have you had to learn the hard way .. or did your parents give you some pretty solid advice growing up too?? 

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