Monday, May 13, 2013

Splitting Things Up!

You know those dysfunctional families you see in the movies and think wow ... it couldn't really be like that?!

Well that is us ... A big Ginormous multi split family lots of times over ... The best thing about it is celebrating things lots of times ... So one celebration becomes Many yummy lunches and dinners!!! One of them this weekend was spend at Elmar's ... And let me just say the food was AMAZING!!!! The salad I had was DIVINE and so was the banana crumble!!!!!  Boogie had a Bushmans tucker kids plate ... he picked at it but I loved that it had a few different things for him and his sensory disorder to digest .. nuggets, sausages, chips, apple slices, carrot etc... I like that he could graze with no pressure from me and I knew there would be a good selection of things on it!!

Elmar's in the Valley on Urbanspoon
My salad : Top Left... Boogies Finger food directly under & Bottom left the banana crumble

We did lots of art and craft over the weekend ... forgot to take pictures of the final product but this is what we aspired to make ... (will get a pic of them off my mum when I have a chance - oops) 
Our Inspired art and craft!! Obviously Ours looked just as awesome!! 

My Gorgeous Gifts!!!!

And then of course We had cupcakes and afternoon tea with my mum.  Woke up on Mothers Day with a sick little boogie :( ... He forgot where he had put his pressies that he had made lol which I didn't mind too much (until it got the better of me come 4pm and we went looking lol).  A beautiful little tea-pot with teabags and a cozy pair of slippers which I may or may not have helped him find :P

Anyway that pretty much sums up my days ... Hope you all had an amazing mothers day just like we did <3


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