Saturday, May 18, 2013

That Story ...

We all have one of THOSE tales to tell for their 21st ... and up until last weekend (Mothers Day none the less) I didn't have a good one to tell ... Until now!!!

Was cruising along ... just come home from a yummy lunch... put boogie in the bath and run around the house cleaning up while he was singing to himself and washing too maybe? All of a sudden there were BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMS coming from the bathroom!! I don't think I have ever run soo fast!!! 

I made it in record time from one end of the house to the other in 5 seconds flat!! None of this sissy running stuff.... I was like a fully fledged Olympic Hurdler... Ducking and weaving around matchbox cars and Lego!!
To arrive at the top step of the bathroom and see him with a number 2 squished in his hand ... he was inconsolable!!!  He had .. you know .. "done it" in the bath and was trying to shot put "it" into the toilet!!!


Mr sensory had slipped over mid thrust and it had squished in his hand *rolls eyes* and he DIDN'T like it one bit!! LOL ... Yes laugh ... laugh all you want ... I did too!! What else was I supposed to do ... rush over to mr I am covered in poo and cuddle him to bits?! I think not!!! lol ... I hosed him down with the hand held shower packed him off to the bedroom and had to scrub BLEACH every square inch of my creamy/white bathroom *sobs loudly*

That's it!! Have a good laugh at my expense!! I don't mind!!! I had a pretty good run until now... Apart from a small poo finger print painting down my hallway when he was 3.. I think I have had a pretty good run!!  What stories are you saving for your kids 21st birthdays?! I bet you have some doozies?! 

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