Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So I haven't really said this outloud too much ... 

Before the last month or so ... I just thought they were little quirks... Not unlike my own.. He has such a weird take on life so I always thought it was all good.  Until it has really started taking over our life ... Especially with his non eating... and not wanting to experience new things.  The worst thing is.. until now I thought it was all in my head ... Alot like some of the other stuff that along with my recent past I was convinced by another party was all in my head too ... even though I know in my gut it was actually real!  I digress... Anyway this list of things has become more and more frequent and random to the point where I decided to corner my OT and say hey ... this stuff is really happening and more frequently than usual!!

So today we got our formal assessment back!! YAY!!! Guess what?! I'm not fricken crazy!!!!!! Woohooo!!!

Today there were observations of stuff that I thought I was the only person who noticed. Like......

* Since boogie was little he has always rubbed tags and things against his nose.  (Total anxiety reliever for himself)

* Wiping away kisses : Who would have thought it wasn't just a boy thing!!

*  Wiping his hands excessively when they are dirty/wet/sticky/touching something he doesn't like!!!

* Chewing / Sucking  his sleeves .. Jabjab (his toy giraffe) and collars

* Being a picky eater : all kinds of sensory eating, gagging, vomiting, chipmunk chewing (pocketing) and avoidance behaviour. 

* Being oversensitive of pain : A small bang some days can take upto 30 mins and lots of cuddles to calm him down.

* Hates bathtime, washing hair, water on face, wetwipes on face, clipping nails, hair being cut etc etc 

* Fear of falling, panicky, ridged and freaks out emotionally on anything including playground bridges or getting into the car seat anything that compromises his feet being on a hard surface.

* Afraid of textures, messy, wet gooey etc. He will go out of his way to avoid doing them if he can.

* When he was little in hospital having a meltdown .. if you didn't have his blankie, dummie and jabjab it wasn't going to end.

* Showing little or poor eye contact (try having a conversation with him at his level and his eyes constantly flit away you can't keep them on yours).

Anyway the list literally goes on .. but these are a few of the BIG  HUGE things we struggle with on a daily basis!! And.... *does happy dance*  ... it is no longer just in my head ... it is on paper!!! Don't you just love it when you figure something out and subsequently realise your not crazy!! Ok ok this may seem like something little to you .. But I have been battling it for the last ... ooooooooooh 5 years!! I think that is worth cracking open a cider to celebrate right?!  Hope you will celebrate with me :) 

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