Thursday, June 27, 2013

Robot Down!! Robot Down!!

So after a FABULOUS weekend of Parties .. cake ... Painting ... Bright Coloured crazy hair days .. Oh and a lovely half day spent at Home Base Expo for some cheapish reno ideas haha yeah right!!!  We have been left a little run down ... 14 days of consecutive school (A record for us) and rather jam packed weekend... We found ourselves early tuesday morning in the throws of a chesty cough affecting Boogies Acute Asthma ... AGAIN!!

We had to cancel our appointment with the sensory eating team - That we waited a patient (haha get it :P ) 6 months to get!! And they have only put us back a couple of weeks!! *Yay*  Have a busy weekend again ... with the super smexy Jimmy Giggle & Hoot ... (I think I am more excited than he is - lol) ... My post birthday celebrations ... oh and a night at Grandmas tomorrow so I can go see P!nk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooo excited!!! Just hope that I feel a bit better tomorrow .. after having someone cough and then sneeze progressively in my face yesterday morning and overnight thrown into the clutches of this dreaded cold (or whatever the hell this incubus infecting my body is!!)

I will leave you with some super cute action shots from the weekend ...  And a super shrill of excitement from me!!!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else catching the gorgeous super mummy Pink while she is in Aus??

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What The?!

So ... amongst my random googling this morning ... As you do .... Well maybe I am the only one ...  I came across a US company that sells RANDOM lollipops : Lollyphile! ....

Amongst strolling through their website ... I came across this new little beauty of theirs ... or random beauty whatever you may want to call it ... I call it the What the f*** were they thinking pop!! lol Turns out they let us know exactly what they were thinking!!!

"So what's happening is that suddenly it seems as though a lot of our friends are having babies. And since some of us are confectioners, we felt it was our responsibility to find out just what this flavor was that could turn a screaming, furious infant into a placid, contented one. Surely the flavor must be heavenly, yes?

We are endlessly grateful to all the mothers who kept sharing their breast milk with our flavor specialists until we were able to candify it. These lollipops won't bring back childhood memory; they'll bring up animal instinct. Quite possibly the most inherently satisfying flavor of all time. 
(ps there's no actual breast milk in these. they're vegan! omg the armies of pumping women.)"

So if you want a good laugh... or are entirely intrigued, like I was ... Head on over and check em out!!! Do you think these will catch on?! I think it is slightly strange .. but I am sooo tempted to order some!! lol


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Ok ... So today ... was HORRIBLE ... 

You know those days where you should have stayed in bed?!  I had one of them ... The type of day where someone should really bring you a big hot chocolate and family block of chocolate under the doona so you can come to terms with the day before it smacks you in the face!! I had one of those days ... 

Boogie going to school was relatively event free ... normal drop off ... blah blah blah .... then there was my morning routine .... clothes in the washing machine... that is where it went to the shit dog house literally!!!! I was literally out of the room for as long as it took to close the lid and press start!!!! Came back to the dog ... who had actively seeked out the fantastic robot from bumpy land I was telling you about the other day ... ripping it to pieces :( ..... I had an appointment back at the school 15 mins later where I was supposed to be showing them said robot!!! ... I'm going to be honest ... I lost my cool ... and the dog got put in time out ... I messaged and emailed ... the lady from the Bumpy land ... as she is about an hour north of me ... and she magically put a rush on a similar green one ....

Thank godddddddddd for her!!!! ... Cos I don't know what I would have done dealing with that melt down this afternoon too!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! 

Dalmatian Damage
Looks about right!!! lol 

Oh and Then the school meeting ... Firstly I had my sparkling new AMAZING helpful LAC meet me there ... which I had advised the teacher & office of ... But Mr Liaison Officer was really rude to her ... telling her she should have phone to advise of her coming so he could be prepared ... Prepared for what? She is there to help!!! Grrrr ... Then I was advised he had been moved down onto .3 aid time from .5 ... GRRRR ... They have now finished the new custom classroom for Boogie that was supposed to be finished on day 1 .... But he can only move into it ... if the other child's parent whom he shares his aide with agrees to it too ... But that means changing teachers ... leaving his friends .. his routine .. etc etc ..

Which I then found at at pick up time she doesn't want to do :( *SIGH* .... I also found out ... that when Boogie moves to year 1 next year ... he shares 1 of 2 boys cubicle toilets that won't fit his toilet surround on .... with all students years 1-7 and it is across the school from his new classroom which is not accessible for him  ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! So much for him having equal rights at school ... Secondly the LAC said it was an OH and S issue to only have 2 toilets to that many students ... (Seems a bit wrong to me too!!!)

I feel like I am going in CIRCLES with this damn school ... And then to top it all off ... His counsellor that we are seeing with all his issues regarding his fear of hospital and everything that happened with his tonsils ... got a flat tyre ... so has now missed 4 appointments in a row ... Seriously ... the whole system (with the exception of the LAC) is getting Wayyyyyyyy beyond a joke right now ... The only positive outcome that came out of today is that for the next 6 months ... he has got a brand spanking new accessible playground that has been designed for his needs!!! Yay!!! ... Apparently I should be focussing on the 1 good thing that happened out of the meeting *sigh* ... I know ... today is a bit of a Ranty McRant ... but is it too much to want my child to be in a safe .. encouraging environment?! Really?

Gorgeous new Accessible FLAT playground!! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Robots & Movies

So this week was the FIRST week in a while that Boogie has been to school for the whole week ... Apart from leaving 15 mins early on 2 of the days for appointments ... we were on a roll ... Had a really good food week this week too!! Been painting the Lounge room ... I think I have underestimated how big it actually is ... so am taking it on one section at a time .. Boogie is loving it though ... he thinks it is the best type of art and craft!!! And to be honest I think it is really good for his sensory problems ... Sticky messy dirty hands ....  Paint everywhere ... lol thank god for turps and concrete floors :P

There is a spotty dog with some extra grey spots on her that I don't think are meant to be there ... and to be honest I am soo tired ... the sort of tired you get when you have been on a 5 week hospital stay with no sleep.... deprived....  living on coke and chocolate bars kind of tired... So today we decided it was a movies n nibblies kind of day ... We acquired a movie that we hadn't seen out in Aus just yet ... Robosapien : Rebooted  and Boogie loved it!!! To be honest though he loves everything Robots ... 

In fact it has been a robot kind of week ... Boogie has been doing alot of sensory seeking the last fortnight .... licking hard things ... like the handles on shopping trolleys, when we are out and about (GROSS GERMS)... Putting everything in his mouth from lego ... to his teddy JabJab which he has ripped the tail off from chewing ... So I thought that I would try and put a stop to it ... We visited a lovely ladies website: BUMPY LAND in WA who sells sensory related toys, chews and pendants ... and we got a ROBOT!!! Yep ... you guessed it .. he was soooooooooooo excited to open up the packet ... Boog has had it for 3 days now ...(not at school yet - but will be discussing it in his meeting on tuesday) ... and there is less sleeve chewing ... and Jab Jab number 3 doesn't have a hole in him ..... YET!! haha ... fingers crossed anyway!!! 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!! Watching the Hangover 3 right now ... in kiddy free .. coke n chocolate mode ... cos I deserve it!! Hope you are spoiling yourself too?! xx 

Robot Pendant from BUMPY LAND 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Impending Birthday Gloom!

With my birthday fast approaching ... yes another year older ... Boogie is reminding me every day .. counting down ... The only plus side is he told me I am turning 18 this year ... WOOOHOOO I am getting younger ... But I must say it is hard not to reminisce about my perfect birthday last year!!! Great friends and family at one of the most magical places on earth!!!!! .... I spent my first Old Milestone celebration at Disneyland in Hong Kong ... and really apart from visiting one of the other magic kingdoms there really isn't anywhere to go from that ....

I am left with lasting memories and photos of the second single most perfect day of my life apart from welcoming my gorgeous little boogie into the world ... As cliche as that sounds I can not erase that smile and total excitement out of my mind ... and don't think I will be able to, for years to come ...  Everything was literally perfect ... from the price ($650 return with 40kg luggage and $420 for 2 people for the first 4 nights at Harbour Plaza) ... to the cute little slippers and matching little robes in the Kingdom club suite at Disneyland :)   ... Having stories read ... Mickey and Minnie in their pyjamas saying goodnight to the kids ... Oh and the free Happy Hour in the club lounge... Every imaginable food all in Mickey Mouse silhouette ... It was the single most perfect holiday I have EVER had!!!

Everyone was soooooooooooooooo friendly ... and oh my god ... the food!!!! AMAZING!!! Little Mr Sensory had a ball ... everything was buffet and there was absolutely NO pressure ... even afternoon tea was buffet lol ... I will show you some pics ... but only if you promise not to remind me how old I am turning this year *sob* ... If you have any questions ... don't hesitate to ask!!! I can't wait to hit up my our next Disney experience in a couple of years *crosses fingers* ...

Have you ever been or would you ever consider going?? I bet you all have a magical place that you would love to visit!!! Tell me all about them.. I am dying to know!!  :) 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy Busy Busy ...

So we had a HUGE week ... in fact it is going to be a HUGE month ...  What started with a road trip to visit the cousins... and a long drive trying to keep 2 children busy in the back seat ... 

School .... ENT appointments ... Physio ... Speech Therapy ... Our last OT session until we can get a new one *insert unhappy face here* ... Some Painting ... oh and some early morning Ten pin bowling!!! Did you know that between 9-11am on weekend mornings it is only $14 for 2 hours unlimited bowling!! BARGAIN .. Boogie had fantastic eating behaviour this week so that was his reward!!! **YAY**

But back to the Painting .... I am TRYING to get rid of an UGLY blue and orange colour scheme I have had in my lounge room since we moved in ... 4 years ago this month ..... It is one of the last few rooms that was to do .. but this week got bumped up to the top of the list ... WHY?? Because when I get stressed out ... I re-decorate .. or re-arrange lol ... It is like an OCD urge that I have ... when things get tough and stressful .. it makes me feel like I am in control of something ... when the rest of my world is spinning around and around and around ... *sigh* ... That and I was soooooo over the god damn Smurf blue and Azrael Orange (Gargamel's Cat) ... I know they are supposed to be complimentary colours on the colour wheel but YUCK!!!! It is soon to be replaced with grey black and red ... with a giant graffiti wall .. which I am REALLY EXCITED about!!!  I really don't know what the hell the people before us were thinking .... The dining room when we first moved in was ... 2 tone purple walls ... with GREEN CARPET!!! Seriously ... I can even show you a pic!!! lol 

Haha maybe I could ... this was the real estate shot .. before we moved in!!! sexy .. right?! LOL.... You should have seen my bedroom ... It is sexy as pie now ... red wardrobe .. black/grey walls ... (just haven't done the floors in there yet and exuse the mess) ... These are the before & after shots ... (remember don't judge the floor - OK?!)

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ... I hope you guys had an awesome, busy, fun-filled weekend too!! I would love to see your reno pictures ... do you get just fed up of a room and make it your weekend mission?? I would love to see!! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Trust Method!!

So meals times in our house are pretty STRESSFUL!!  With Boogies sensory processing disorder being our biggest demon... I have been lost for the last few years ... and now we are found!!! Stumbled across a group on facebook called Mealtime Hostage and the lady is AMAZING!!!  There are a couple of specialists that post from time to time and we have been trying the trust method ... presenting his food buffet style on the table ... and providing 2 safe items on the table ... which they can be 1 food and 1 drink!! and everything else is a try it out food ... 

I must say a couple of goes in and it is helping us to see a HUGE difference at the dinner table ...  To quote sky;

"Learning to trust your child with eating is a process that involves letting go of everything you've been taught and told about eating and feeding your family. Understand that as the parent, you have to trust this process too, and not allow your fears and worries put pressure on your child to eat.

The goal here is not to teach your child to eat a wide variety of foods. The goal is to teach your child to enjoy eating. Once your child enjoys eating, they will naturally explore different foods from different food groups all on their own and in their own time."

She is amazing!!! And we wouldn't be making leaps and bounds without her advice... Last night (buffet style) we had hot chips on the table ... corn beef ... spicy chicken rice .. gravy .. creamed potatoes and a couple of pineapple fritters (which I knew he wouldn't eat as it is slimy) But he surprised me!!! Put a little bit of everything but the cream potatoes on his plate and even had 2 bites of pineapple fritter albeit dipped in gravy ... But who cares!!!!!!! Wooooooooohoooooooooooooo!!! This may seem like a little deal to all you mummies with perfect eaters ... but to me it was like seeing the most amazing circus for the first time ... I couldn't stop smiling last night ... there was no way you were going to wipe it off my face .... As a happy reward we went and grabbed a scoop of ice cream (yes tight ass tuesday scoops) at Baskin Robbins!!!

One happy mummy and Boogie today!!! Have you had any recent successes with your little ones eating?? Is there something they really really hate?? Would love if you shared?! xx

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baby Bag 2 Hand Bag

So when do you go from the BABY BAG to the HAND BAG ... is there ever a right time?? Obviously I don't take it when I go out for adult / me time ( a rarity by my standards).. But I feel naked!!!

I know I carry 10 times the things I could ever dream to fit into a hand bag .. but my OCD has always had me loving bigger handbags anyway (I'm the go to mummy for bandaids and panadol when out and about lol) ... I dread to even imagine the day when my baby bag can't even hold its own anymore .. in fact that single thought, scares the absolute crap out of me!!! *Insert frowny face HERE*

I have had Sooooo many people ask me where I got mine from ... How much .. etc etc ... Truth is ... I paid just under or just over $300 ... can't really remember ... and it is OiOi Brand with LOTSSSSSSSSS of amazing pockets!!! It is celebrating its  5 and half years old birthday tomorrow ... I took it to bali with me for my babymoon!!!  Anyway the bit I lovedddddd the most are the pockets on either side that are thermal ... perfect for keeping bottles warm ... anddd we use it still now to keep bottles of water and drink bottles cold!! 

To me the Perfect baby bag is nice thick material that is lined inside with .. Obviously the perfect thermal bottle holders and lots of outside pockets to hold things that you need to get to quickly .. with ONE hand - cos let's face it you never have 2 free hands when you have a baby in tow!! Nice big strap to sling over your shoulder or your pram.. but some small handles too so we can pick it up in a rush ... It has lots of hidey little pockets inside for your valuables ... wet-wipes .. spare change of clothes .. nappies (when he was a baby) and in our case Epi pens & Asthma puffers .. Lots of little accessories ... LOVE THEM!! I love a nice big metal loop to hook my keys on so I ALWAYS know where they are ... cos let's face it .. baby brain lasts wayyy past pregnancy!! Oh and the final thing is you want value for your money ... It has to last... My baby bag is Testament to that!! I think given my time again .. I would buy the exact same bag!! And I am not giving it up as long as it is still kicking <3

Will you ever give up your baby bag now your a mummy?  Do you think you could fit it all into a hand bag?? I know our case is different as we carry a whole heap of extras ... What do you love about yours?? Tell me all about it .... It's like mummy porn to me .. Tell me whats in your baby bag!!!  Please???? 

Self Destruct In 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Ok ... So I have been a bit lazy this week ;) Not really though If you hadn't have guessed my week has been jam packed with appointments ... A sick little Boogie until wednesday night ... And I made the decision to send him to school thursday ... he hadn't been in 10 days ... he had the nastiest cough and chest infection that was affecting his asthma and was on soo many meds to control it, so we didn't end up in hospital!!! *Urgh*

In saying that though... Sending him to school on thursday SUCKED!!!! He came home and we were reading his Kindy reader together and he itched his head twice ... TWICE!! Normally that wouldn't bother me ... but we were told "THEY" had been running rampant .. So it was in the back of my mind to check ... Yep there was one cheeky little bugger running round his head spreading eggs *SIGH* ...  I bet your head is itching right now too isn't?! Gotta love a sympathy scratch!! I know mine is just reliving this!! 

Out came the conditioner and chemicals .... I never had them as a kid ... my mum would always check my hair ... but I don't remember having them EVER... This was horrible ... so now twice in as many months I was dealing with them ... the first time he had gotten them from a little boy in hospital in our horrible stay last month ... I guess I was lucky I got them when I did ... it could have been worse!!!

But I need all your big hard tips on how to get rid of the little suckers ... and how do you check your own hair??!!! I just pour the chemicals on and comb through it ... and get my mum to check later ...  How do you handle these dreaded little Nits?! HELP?!