Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baby Bag 2 Hand Bag

So when do you go from the BABY BAG to the HAND BAG ... is there ever a right time?? Obviously I don't take it when I go out for adult / me time ( a rarity by my standards).. But I feel naked!!!

I know I carry 10 times the things I could ever dream to fit into a hand bag .. but my OCD has always had me loving bigger handbags anyway (I'm the go to mummy for bandaids and panadol when out and about lol) ... I dread to even imagine the day when my baby bag can't even hold its own anymore .. in fact that single thought, scares the absolute crap out of me!!! *Insert frowny face HERE*

I have had Sooooo many people ask me where I got mine from ... How much .. etc etc ... Truth is ... I paid just under or just over $300 ... can't really remember ... and it is OiOi Brand with LOTSSSSSSSSS of amazing pockets!!! It is celebrating its  5 and half years old birthday tomorrow ... I took it to bali with me for my babymoon!!!  Anyway the bit I lovedddddd the most are the pockets on either side that are thermal ... perfect for keeping bottles warm ... anddd we use it still now to keep bottles of water and drink bottles cold!! 

To me the Perfect baby bag is nice thick material that is lined inside with .. Obviously the perfect thermal bottle holders and lots of outside pockets to hold things that you need to get to quickly .. with ONE hand - cos let's face it you never have 2 free hands when you have a baby in tow!! Nice big strap to sling over your shoulder or your pram.. but some small handles too so we can pick it up in a rush ... It has lots of hidey little pockets inside for your valuables ... wet-wipes .. spare change of clothes .. nappies (when he was a baby) and in our case Epi pens & Asthma puffers .. Lots of little accessories ... LOVE THEM!! I love a nice big metal loop to hook my keys on so I ALWAYS know where they are ... cos let's face it .. baby brain lasts wayyy past pregnancy!! Oh and the final thing is you want value for your money ... It has to last... My baby bag is Testament to that!! I think given my time again .. I would buy the exact same bag!! And I am not giving it up as long as it is still kicking <3

Will you ever give up your baby bag now your a mummy?  Do you think you could fit it all into a hand bag?? I know our case is different as we carry a whole heap of extras ... What do you love about yours?? Tell me all about it .... It's like mummy porn to me .. Tell me whats in your baby bag!!!  Please???? 

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