Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy Busy Busy ...

So we had a HUGE week ... in fact it is going to be a HUGE month ...  What started with a road trip to visit the cousins... and a long drive trying to keep 2 children busy in the back seat ... 

School .... ENT appointments ... Physio ... Speech Therapy ... Our last OT session until we can get a new one *insert unhappy face here* ... Some Painting ... oh and some early morning Ten pin bowling!!! Did you know that between 9-11am on weekend mornings it is only $14 for 2 hours unlimited bowling!! BARGAIN .. Boogie had fantastic eating behaviour this week so that was his reward!!! **YAY**

But back to the Painting .... I am TRYING to get rid of an UGLY blue and orange colour scheme I have had in my lounge room since we moved in ... 4 years ago this month ..... It is one of the last few rooms that was to do .. but this week got bumped up to the top of the list ... WHY?? Because when I get stressed out ... I re-decorate .. or re-arrange lol ... It is like an OCD urge that I have ... when things get tough and stressful .. it makes me feel like I am in control of something ... when the rest of my world is spinning around and around and around ... *sigh* ... That and I was soooooo over the god damn Smurf blue and Azrael Orange (Gargamel's Cat) ... I know they are supposed to be complimentary colours on the colour wheel but YUCK!!!! It is soon to be replaced with grey black and red ... with a giant graffiti wall .. which I am REALLY EXCITED about!!!  I really don't know what the hell the people before us were thinking .... The dining room when we first moved in was ... 2 tone purple walls ... with GREEN CARPET!!! Seriously ... I can even show you a pic!!! lol 

Haha maybe I could ... this was the real estate shot .. before we moved in!!! sexy .. right?! LOL.... You should have seen my bedroom ... It is sexy as pie now ... red wardrobe .. black/grey walls ... (just haven't done the floors in there yet and exuse the mess) ... These are the before & after shots ... (remember don't judge the floor - OK?!)

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ... I hope you guys had an awesome, busy, fun-filled weekend too!! I would love to see your reno pictures ... do you get just fed up of a room and make it your weekend mission?? I would love to see!! 

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