Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Impending Birthday Gloom!

With my birthday fast approaching ... yes another year older ... Boogie is reminding me every day .. counting down ... The only plus side is he told me I am turning 18 this year ... WOOOHOOO I am getting younger ... But I must say it is hard not to reminisce about my perfect birthday last year!!! Great friends and family at one of the most magical places on earth!!!!! .... I spent my first Old Milestone celebration at Disneyland in Hong Kong ... and really apart from visiting one of the other magic kingdoms there really isn't anywhere to go from that ....

I am left with lasting memories and photos of the second single most perfect day of my life apart from welcoming my gorgeous little boogie into the world ... As cliche as that sounds I can not erase that smile and total excitement out of my mind ... and don't think I will be able to, for years to come ...  Everything was literally perfect ... from the price ($650 return with 40kg luggage and $420 for 2 people for the first 4 nights at Harbour Plaza) ... to the cute little slippers and matching little robes in the Kingdom club suite at Disneyland :)   ... Having stories read ... Mickey and Minnie in their pyjamas saying goodnight to the kids ... Oh and the free Happy Hour in the club lounge... Every imaginable food all in Mickey Mouse silhouette ... It was the single most perfect holiday I have EVER had!!!

Everyone was soooooooooooooooo friendly ... and oh my god ... the food!!!! AMAZING!!! Little Mr Sensory had a ball ... everything was buffet and there was absolutely NO pressure ... even afternoon tea was buffet lol ... I will show you some pics ... but only if you promise not to remind me how old I am turning this year *sob* ... If you have any questions ... don't hesitate to ask!!! I can't wait to hit up my our next Disney experience in a couple of years *crosses fingers* ...

Have you ever been or would you ever consider going?? I bet you all have a magical place that you would love to visit!!! Tell me all about them.. I am dying to know!!  :) 

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