Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Ok ... So today ... was HORRIBLE ... 

You know those days where you should have stayed in bed?!  I had one of them ... The type of day where someone should really bring you a big hot chocolate and family block of chocolate under the doona so you can come to terms with the day before it smacks you in the face!! I had one of those days ... 

Boogie going to school was relatively event free ... normal drop off ... blah blah blah .... then there was my morning routine .... clothes in the washing machine... that is where it went to the shit dog house literally!!!! I was literally out of the room for as long as it took to close the lid and press start!!!! Came back to the dog ... who had actively seeked out the fantastic robot from bumpy land I was telling you about the other day ... ripping it to pieces :( ..... I had an appointment back at the school 15 mins later where I was supposed to be showing them said robot!!! ... I'm going to be honest ... I lost my cool ... and the dog got put in time out ... I messaged and emailed ... the lady from the Bumpy land ... as she is about an hour north of me ... and she magically put a rush on a similar green one ....

Thank godddddddddd for her!!!! ... Cos I don't know what I would have done dealing with that melt down this afternoon too!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! 

Dalmatian Damage
Looks about right!!! lol 

Oh and Then the school meeting ... Firstly I had my sparkling new AMAZING helpful LAC meet me there ... which I had advised the teacher & office of ... But Mr Liaison Officer was really rude to her ... telling her she should have phone to advise of her coming so he could be prepared ... Prepared for what? She is there to help!!! Grrrr ... Then I was advised he had been moved down onto .3 aid time from .5 ... GRRRR ... They have now finished the new custom classroom for Boogie that was supposed to be finished on day 1 .... But he can only move into it ... if the other child's parent whom he shares his aide with agrees to it too ... But that means changing teachers ... leaving his friends .. his routine .. etc etc ..

Which I then found at at pick up time she doesn't want to do :( *SIGH* .... I also found out ... that when Boogie moves to year 1 next year ... he shares 1 of 2 boys cubicle toilets that won't fit his toilet surround on .... with all students years 1-7 and it is across the school from his new classroom which is not accessible for him  ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! So much for him having equal rights at school ... Secondly the LAC said it was an OH and S issue to only have 2 toilets to that many students ... (Seems a bit wrong to me too!!!)

I feel like I am going in CIRCLES with this damn school ... And then to top it all off ... His counsellor that we are seeing with all his issues regarding his fear of hospital and everything that happened with his tonsils ... got a flat tyre ... so has now missed 4 appointments in a row ... Seriously ... the whole system (with the exception of the LAC) is getting Wayyyyyyyy beyond a joke right now ... The only positive outcome that came out of today is that for the next 6 months ... he has got a brand spanking new accessible playground that has been designed for his needs!!! Yay!!! ... Apparently I should be focussing on the 1 good thing that happened out of the meeting *sigh* ... I know ... today is a bit of a Ranty McRant ... but is it too much to want my child to be in a safe .. encouraging environment?! Really?

Gorgeous new Accessible FLAT playground!! 

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