Thursday, June 27, 2013

Robot Down!! Robot Down!!

So after a FABULOUS weekend of Parties .. cake ... Painting ... Bright Coloured crazy hair days .. Oh and a lovely half day spent at Home Base Expo for some cheapish reno ideas haha yeah right!!!  We have been left a little run down ... 14 days of consecutive school (A record for us) and rather jam packed weekend... We found ourselves early tuesday morning in the throws of a chesty cough affecting Boogies Acute Asthma ... AGAIN!!

We had to cancel our appointment with the sensory eating team - That we waited a patient (haha get it :P ) 6 months to get!! And they have only put us back a couple of weeks!! *Yay*  Have a busy weekend again ... with the super smexy Jimmy Giggle & Hoot ... (I think I am more excited than he is - lol) ... My post birthday celebrations ... oh and a night at Grandmas tomorrow so I can go see P!nk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooo excited!!! Just hope that I feel a bit better tomorrow .. after having someone cough and then sneeze progressively in my face yesterday morning and overnight thrown into the clutches of this dreaded cold (or whatever the hell this incubus infecting my body is!!)

I will leave you with some super cute action shots from the weekend ...  And a super shrill of excitement from me!!!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else catching the gorgeous super mummy Pink while she is in Aus??

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