Saturday, June 15, 2013

Robots & Movies

So this week was the FIRST week in a while that Boogie has been to school for the whole week ... Apart from leaving 15 mins early on 2 of the days for appointments ... we were on a roll ... Had a really good food week this week too!! Been painting the Lounge room ... I think I have underestimated how big it actually is ... so am taking it on one section at a time .. Boogie is loving it though ... he thinks it is the best type of art and craft!!! And to be honest I think it is really good for his sensory problems ... Sticky messy dirty hands ....  Paint everywhere ... lol thank god for turps and concrete floors :P

There is a spotty dog with some extra grey spots on her that I don't think are meant to be there ... and to be honest I am soo tired ... the sort of tired you get when you have been on a 5 week hospital stay with no sleep.... deprived....  living on coke and chocolate bars kind of tired... So today we decided it was a movies n nibblies kind of day ... We acquired a movie that we hadn't seen out in Aus just yet ... Robosapien : Rebooted  and Boogie loved it!!! To be honest though he loves everything Robots ... 

In fact it has been a robot kind of week ... Boogie has been doing alot of sensory seeking the last fortnight .... licking hard things ... like the handles on shopping trolleys, when we are out and about (GROSS GERMS)... Putting everything in his mouth from lego ... to his teddy JabJab which he has ripped the tail off from chewing ... So I thought that I would try and put a stop to it ... We visited a lovely ladies website: BUMPY LAND in WA who sells sensory related toys, chews and pendants ... and we got a ROBOT!!! Yep ... you guessed it .. he was soooooooooooo excited to open up the packet ... Boog has had it for 3 days now ...(not at school yet - but will be discussing it in his meeting on tuesday) ... and there is less sleeve chewing ... and Jab Jab number 3 doesn't have a hole in him ..... YET!! haha ... fingers crossed anyway!!! 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!! Watching the Hangover 3 right now ... in kiddy free .. coke n chocolate mode ... cos I deserve it!! Hope you are spoiling yourself too?! xx 

Robot Pendant from BUMPY LAND 

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