Saturday, June 1, 2013

Self Destruct In 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Ok ... So I have been a bit lazy this week ;) Not really though If you hadn't have guessed my week has been jam packed with appointments ... A sick little Boogie until wednesday night ... And I made the decision to send him to school thursday ... he hadn't been in 10 days ... he had the nastiest cough and chest infection that was affecting his asthma and was on soo many meds to control it, so we didn't end up in hospital!!! *Urgh*

In saying that though... Sending him to school on thursday SUCKED!!!! He came home and we were reading his Kindy reader together and he itched his head twice ... TWICE!! Normally that wouldn't bother me ... but we were told "THEY" had been running rampant .. So it was in the back of my mind to check ... Yep there was one cheeky little bugger running round his head spreading eggs *SIGH* ...  I bet your head is itching right now too isn't?! Gotta love a sympathy scratch!! I know mine is just reliving this!! 

Out came the conditioner and chemicals .... I never had them as a kid ... my mum would always check my hair ... but I don't remember having them EVER... This was horrible ... so now twice in as many months I was dealing with them ... the first time he had gotten them from a little boy in hospital in our horrible stay last month ... I guess I was lucky I got them when I did ... it could have been worse!!!

But I need all your big hard tips on how to get rid of the little suckers ... and how do you check your own hair??!!! I just pour the chemicals on and comb through it ... and get my mum to check later ...  How do you handle these dreaded little Nits?! HELP?!

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