Thursday, July 18, 2013

Food Therapy!!

Food therapy .. from a mummy stand point as not as glorious as it sounds ... I NOW KNOW ... and I most certainly speak from experience!!!! ... As I sit here scrubbing the jelly ... cream and choc drops off my wall!!! All I can say is THANK YOU Dulux Wash and Wear ;) ... 

You have never really been soooo desperate to know the torture for your child to eat normal kiddy food until you have been on your hands and knees peeling slimy half chewed snakes covered in cream off your wood floors.. With a smile on your face...

But it was totally worth it ... It was sooo hard not to frown as an OCD mummy when there was cream whizzing past my head at speed only known by those who watch star trek!! But like I said .. WORTH EVERY SECOND!!! Today ... we kissed a snake covered in whipped cream .. after spraying it from the can at mummy and 2 therapists faces ... like spiderman with the spider webs but totally not as cool ... This was HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE...

THANK YOU therapists!!!

THANK YOU Boogie!!!  (for going along with it and trying) 

THANK YOU Dulux Wash and Wear!!!

and THANK YOU Aeroplane Jelly for being soo awesomely cool and not staining my wood floors and tiles!!!

Back to the Cleaning ... Unless anyone knows where I can get a fairy?? You know the magical cleaning variety?! .. ANYONE?? .... Bummer :(  ... Have a good night xx 

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