Monday, July 1, 2013

Giggle & Hoot ... Hoot Hooooooooot!!!

So we went to see Jimmy Giggle and Hoot (and Hootabelle too I guess) yesterday!!! And it was worth EVERY SINGLE CENT!!! The laughs .. the smiles ... was priceless!! Of course we dressed up as Super Hoot ... our favourite costume (peter pan aside).  I got begged for an impulse purchase .. but surprise surprise... for once it wasn't the biggest toy in the stand .. I managed to cop out with a $5 felt Bananas in Pyjamas picket .. WOOOHOOO!

We did a last minute dash through the door and perked ourselves down a couple from the front and centre (Gotta love presale right!!) And the music came on straight away .. I avoided every single second of whining about when it was going to start!! Boogie wore his Hoot beanie, which was covering his ears and had no complaints about how loud the music or show was .. It was perfect - Yay for no sensory problems .... well except for the fact I had forgotten to put his robot necklace so we spent most of the show with our sleeve in our mouth ... But hey .. better than the seat !! He didn't participate much in the dancing.. but I didn't care or push him too!! It was lovely and he was sooooooooo happy!!! If they were to come back .. I could not recommend the show highly enough!! We will definitely go back ... those smiles were priceless!!! Thanks ABC 4 Kids from bringing them over!!!

Super Giggle & Super Hoot!!

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