Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mad Science!!!

So.... I thought I had better do a little bit of catch up from our crazy school holidays ... we did heaps of activities ... I think Boogies favourite was the science experiments we fitted in and around appointments!!!

This one was pretty cheap to do .. good for learning colours and the colour wheel ... I got the idea from Pintrest ... the Mecca for creative mummies ...

You will need : 

*9 Plastic clear cups ...
*Red, Blue & Yellow food colouring ... 

(yes we are allergic but he didn't touch or eat it!!)
*A Roll of paper towel... 
(the cheap not so absorbent stuff works quicker)
*Tap Water ...

That is it ... seriously .. how cheap is that activity!!! 

You can do one at a time .. or you can chain link the colours in a circle...  However we did one at a time to waste some time :P
Step 1 : Lay out 3 cups in a row .... 2 cups with food colouring and the one in the middle empty ... So you can capture the food dye in the middle.. We started with the Yellow and Blue combination!!

Step 2 : Then roll 3 pieces of Paper towel without tearing long ways to make a nice long sausage ... and Make for lack of a better description McDonalds Golden arches :P 

Step 3 : Dip either side of the "McDonalds Sausage" in Boogies words ... in the food colouring cups and the middle point in the empty cup like we have shown you below ... BUT ... scrunch the arches up so they sit nice and low in the cup ... otherwise it will take a LONGGGGGGGG time for the liquid to come up the paper towel .. (you will note we shortened them in subsequent pictures lol)

Step 4 : WAIT ... WAIT ... and then WAIT some more ... 

We have GREEN ... YAY!!!! 

Step 5 .... REPEAT with the other primary colours .... If your game and have ALOT of time .. you can experiment with the secondary colours too :) I have thrown in a colour wheel for you too  ... ENJOY!!!

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