Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feeling Febrile!

Feeling thankful and contemplative today!!!!! And after cleaning and tidying too ... fancy that!

Soooo as I was cleaning up today I came across something I haven't had to use for about 6 months ... Boogies TempGuard Monitor .. Our LIFE SAVER!!! 

Boogie used to have serious febrile convulsions with every fever ... The first one started the night he had a vaccination then it went onto.. cutting teeth ... colds ... the flue ... infections ... etc ... Even in summer when the temperature hit over 40 degrees celsius ... You name it ... if his temp when over 39 degrees he would be sooo sick ... There were signs like him being extremely lethargic .. then being a bit unresponsive... his temp would start soaring... and then it would crack 39.5 and he would start twitching ... 40 would bring light shakes ... and then anything over that was a full blown fit ...

The very first time was a really really long one ... It was horrible ... we called he ambulance and they told us we weren't the first priority ... to strip him down and cool him off ... but he kept fitting .. and they didn't change our priority .. I was SOOOO angry .. Boogies dad (my ex) used to be a EMO (emergency medical officer / paramedic) on the mines ... and we got in the car and drove ... (yep FAST) he had been fitting and felt lifeless in his hands for what seemed like forever ... 5 mins infact ... and when we got to the hospital he was STILL convulsing ... they had no paediatrician on ... as it was 2am in the morning ... just student doctors ... and instead of putting some anti fitting medication (midazolam ) under his tongue they held him down .. wrapped him up in a sheet and put an Iv line in him ... Brilliant .. right?! *sigh* So he kept fitting until Boogies dad started yelling at them ...  and then he just stopped laying lifeless on the bed ...

*Insert one of those drop to your knees - My life feels like it is over mummy moments*

From that moment on he had febrile convulsions at the drop of a hat ... anything over 39 we went straight to the hospital ... It was scary ... seeing your child shake until he was lifeless .. It was a Nightmare!! Anyway... My AMAZING Mum who works at a hospital ... asked around her work for ideas and eventually Googled too of course and came across a device called a TempGuard ... 

You clip it onto the nappy/pants near the belly button and turn it on ... it has a parental receiver that you set an alarm to a certain temperature .. ours was 38.5 & 39 ... meaning he was on his way up .. we used to leave it sitting near his baby monitor ... so that we had peace of mind ... saved us lots of sleep!!!

This device has literally saved  Boogie from having more prolonged fits and convulsions on more than 1 occasion ... which of course are not good for his Brain ... 

Below I have put a bit of INFO from a website in Australia which sells them (which is out of stock at the moment - even though I am sure you can get them elsewhere) ... But I highly recommend them!! Even if just for peace of mind first time mummy jitters!!! AMAZING!! 

"Tempguard is the first wireless device of its kind in Australia to offer parents the ability to monitor a child's temperature 24 hours a day without intrusive methods.

This revolutionary device stands to change the way we monitor fever in children forever.

With the Tempguard, a temperature reading can be transmitted to you from as far away as 30 metres, through walls around corners and updated every 10 seconds so you are always aware of your child's temperature.

This great feature means that you can monitor your child's fever as he/she goes about their normal daily routine without any need for you to disturb them. Then when it is bedtime, you can tuck them in and not worry about having to wake them in order to take their temperature. Now you can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that if there is any dramatic change in your child's temperature the alarm will sound.

Tempguard can also be used to monitor a Newborn baby's sleeping temperature. When you first bring baby home from the hospital, place the Tempguard on them and you will know from their very first sleep if they are too hot or too cold in their bed. All the guesswork is now eliminated. (Please keep in mind that overheating during sleep is one of the suspected causes of SIDS)
  • Accurate to within 0.1oC
  • No wires or probing
  • Simple to use
  • Works 24 hrs a day
  • Water resistant
  • 12 months warranty
  • 30 metre range
  • 30 day money back guarantee
Each Tempguard package consist of a thermometer unit or child's unit which clips onto the child's nappy or pants and a monitoring unit or parent's unit which the parent or guardian can carry with them or place next to their bed at night.

On the back of the child's unit is a small sensor, which touches the skin. When placed in the advised position this sensor will take the child's temperature every 5 seconds.

This reading, which can be in Celsius or Fahrenheit, is then transmitted to the parent's unit in 0.1oC increments.

The parents unit has an alarm feature, which allows you to input a temperature setting that you wish to be alerted at. Once the preset temperature is exceeded 4 beeping signals, in 8-second intervals, will alert you.

The Tempguard has a range of 30 metres so you can safely move around the house and your child's temperature may be constantly displayed to you or leave the monitor in a safe place and if there is any fluctuation in temperature you will be alerted."

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