Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nominated :)

Nawwwww so Nicole from Life Living has nominated me as an up and coming Blogger - Bless her .. I am just humbled that other bloggers read my banter and mind dribble lol :)  .... As part of my nomination I was given a list of 11 questions to answer and then at the end I am going to nominate 11 too .. almost like a Blogging daisy chain so to speak and hopefully feel as loved as I do!!!

So here goes :

Do You Have A Hobby?

Hobbies ... Well if I could remember what one of those were ... I would say YES lol ...
I love making cupcakes .. Baking etc ... otherwise when I was younger Painting and drawing ... I recently bought some supplies but with all things Boogie going on... I have not had much of a chance to do anything with them ... I love being creative though but usually in a nice relaxed Boogie free Art and craft environment is ALOT less stressful!! lol

Whatever Happened To Your Best Friend In School? Are You Still In Contact?

Yes most of them ... We had a pretty big group of close friends in high school and I am in contact with all but 2 or 3 .... I catch up on a regular basis (around my busy life anyway) with as many of them as I can ... those I don't I love a good chat with or the occasional laugh on facebook!!! It is such a good tool for busy mummies ... I don't know how my mum got through having 3 of us with little contact to the outside world :P 

Your Favourite Holiday Destination Is?

Out of the ones I have been to? Or the ones I plan to visit?!  Been to .. so far would be Hong Kong ... But then of course I got to visit the magical kingdom and stay in a club suite for my birthday .. what could be a more perfect destination than that? Especially sharing it with 9 of your closest family and friends and your one and only special little man!!!!

My next destination that I am saving for is the US ... have a whole big fat map planned out .. driving route 66 and visiting all of the Magic kingdoms and hopefully a magic Disney cruise too!!! But I am pretty sure I have shared that with you all before :) 

What Was A Defining Moment In Your Life?

Defining Moment .. WOW ... This year I guess ... Realising that there are sooo many things that I just can't change ... and I just can't fix ... I am one of those people that needs to have everything planned out and in control .. and I can't control all of things that happen with Boogies body ... or mine with all my health stuff going on in the background too ... As frustrating as it is ... I am just a sucker along for the ride .. A very unpredictable ride ... and that I have to let go ... and ask for HELP ... and until this year ... I was the head strong person that would never ask for it ... I think once you realise you can let go .. and let other people in ... it is not you being weak ... it is you getting to the outer of your limitations ... and that is why there are other people out there in the universe whose limitations pick up where yours left off!! I guess like the proverbial bubble ... when yours pops there is always another to take its place... 

Do You Play A Sport, If So What? If Not What Sport Do You Like To Watch And Why?

Sport :P haha .. I haven't played sport .. properly in years ... after breaking my ankle and ending up with pins in it ... the answer is No ... Sports I like to watch ... Motor sports ... the occasional Soccer match .. I am one of those LOUD people that yell at the tv ... I am not a good person to watch sport around ... so I generally avoid it lol

What Is Your Favourite Meal?

Oh my god I can't pick one .... Honestly!!! I can rule out seafood if you like - being that I am allergic to seafood.. crustacean and Iodine :P   I love trying new stuff!! I love Pho ... I love Pork Rolls ... I love Hong Kong Pork Ribs with mayo ... mmmmmmmmmm  ... I LOVE Mexican ... I love Maltese food ( My dads heritage) ... I love Indian curries ... I just love food in general ... unfortunately food doesn't love my waistline ... but then that is a whole other answer all together lol

Can You Remember The Name Of Your First Boyfriend / Girlfriend?

Wow I had a few crushes ... If I discount a few of them that probably didn't see out the week with .. the first one that I was really in love with .. that loved me back .. and I could see us going to the end of time together ... it would have been Adam .. we only broke up because I was going to move to England to be an Au-Pair ... I could go through my list of extreme failed relationships ... actually only really 2 after that ... but I won't bore you with my dirty laundry :P lol 

What do you drive?

A car!! No seriously .. A car .. A huyundai .. which hopefully won't be for too much longer because the fuel costs are driving me UP THE WALL!!!!! 

Glass Half Empty / Half Full?
The glass is ALWAYS HALF FULL!!! The day your glass is empty means you have no more hope ... and hope makes the world spin around as far as I am concerned!!!

What Was Your First Job?

First Job ... Was for my dad as a factory hand!!! At the age of 10 ... I used to do it to spend time with him!! Masking up and sanding the stuff for my dad to paint -he was and still is part time a french polisher... Back in the day he was the best in the state ... everyone came to him for colouring advice etc ...  Also .. if I am going to be honest I was probably one of his best workers out ... lol I think it is where my love of OCD cleaning started too ... Scrubbing the toilets in a factory of all BOYS (no .. I didn't say men for obvious reasons as men can aim .. boys can't :P ) Just so I could use them!! lol  I then went on to work at World 4 Kids (A Toy Store) ... where I met sooo many awesome people!!! Some who I still talk to some 17 years later!!! (Scary when you think about it like that lol)

Is There Something You Would Change About Yourself And Why?

Yep sure is ... If I could have my time again .. I would not be soo trusting of other people ... and more trusting of my own gut instinct!!! Sooo many things I would but can't change to do with not trusting people ... I was one of those believed that I could see the best in EVERYONE ... turns out some people don't have a best side ... Wow .. that was a bit dark :\

So 11 random facts about me .... 

I was a killer roller skater back in my day ... we had Melissa George as one of our group leaders and I used to prance around in those little sequin outfits that I would rather crawl up in a ball and die than wear nowadays...

A descendant on my mums side was one of the last Sheriffs of Nottingham ... which is were my mums family hails from :)

I have 3 pins in my ankle from where I slipped on an ice floor in a work freezer and wedged it under a stainless steal shelf snapping it ... yep ... OUCH!!

I am an avid collector of 1980's movies and tv shows ... yep they include seasons 1-3 of Punky Brewster .. different strokes .. etc ... I loveeeeeee wholesome stuff and am trying to pass that onto Boogie ... So far successful ... His favourite movies are ... Short Circuit .. Gumby  .. Drop Dead Fred ... and The Sooty Show :) 

I can't sleep at night without the tv on .... it all stems from as a child when our house got broken into .. they stole my jewellery box among hundreds of other things ... Oh and the tv ... and I slept that night FREAKING out .. cos I was used to sleeping with mum and dad snuggled together on the lounge watching tv together ... it was like a safety net that was taken away ... I try and set it on sleep mode ... but if I have to wake up to Boogie .. I need to turn it back on and start all over again lol ... yep I am a freak :P

I know the basics of rock n roll dancing and jive ... Before getting married my ex husband and I took lessons for a year along with my mum and older brother ... I love everything 1950's ... yet again .. there is that wholesome streak!!

I love singing ... I have been doing it since I was little ... started on the knee of my mum and dad and come from a VERY musical family!!! I have been singing in choirs ... choral ensembles ... and solo vocally for MANY years and have won trophies medals .. blah blah blah the list goes on ... Performed with Judith durham of the seekers in the backing choir ... and at the opera house where we took out vocal ensemble against the US Boeing 747 choir in 1999

Ummm (struggling now)  I have LOTS of problems with my left ear ... after bursting my bloody ear drum coming back from Sydney Opera House competition as I was full of flu and screamed the plane down during the descent ... I ended up in hospital where the whole side of my face swelled up to the point of not being able to move it ... and had to suck food through a straw ... lol yep you can tell I am running out of stuff now!! 

I am an avid Tupperware collector ... all complete with lids stacked nicely in the cupboard ... It has to be coloured .. I don't like the boring clear ones... anddd ... It surely doesn't rival my mums collection BUT my cupboard is not booby trapped like I know we always left hers ... and I am pretty sure 13 years after moving out of home is still in the same booby trapped state!!!

I HATE Durian ... Just the smell of it in the same room as me is enough to make me dry retch!!! The first time I experienced it was in sago pudding .. I opened it up .. didn't smell amazing ... took a mouthful in my mouth and proceeded to power chuck 5 metres across the room!!! Can you now imagine me on my hands and knees cleaning up said vomit .. dry retching as I go?! lol

I always sleep with one limb out of the doona!!! Usually a leg ... usually my right leg ... I don't know why ... It just happens lol I am sure your all the same?!

Soooooooooooo that is my 11 ... scary right?!  I don't know if I am supposed to come up with a different 11 questions or the same 11 ... so I am going to steal the ones Nicole had to answer .. just because hers were awesome and I would love to get to know people through some of their answers to those questions too!!! Obviously they are not obliged to do it ... And there are some in the list that have quite hectic and heart breaking lives ... But I just want you to know your all a daily part of me .. I love sharing your laughs .. your love and your journeys .. whether they be happy or sad witty or sarcastic ... I draw from each and one of your journeys personally and I cherish everything you write... YOU INSPIRE ME ... <3

11 Blogs that I avidly follow and would like to get to know more and spread some Blog love to are : 

Where's My Glow
Barefoot In The Kitchen
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It's The Little Things
Harvey The Cure-ageous Lion :  I know you may not want to write one - but there are many of us out there following your story of absolute heart break xx Just know we are thinking about you x
Two Little Humans And Me
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Hope you see the fun in participating and networking some more ... Just like I have :) Here are your questions :

1.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
2.  What do you love most about your life right now?

3.  What are the 5 most important things in your bag right now?
4.   What were the emotions that you confronted / experienced in your very first Blog post?
5.   One interesting thing about your family tree / heritage?
6.   The colour you most have in your wardrobe and why?
7.   Northern Hemisphere or Southern?
8.   How would you spend 2 million dollars?
9.   Is there a makeup product that you can't go without and if so what shade/brand?!
10. A character Trait that you have?
11.  Is there something you would change about yourself and why?

Oh and don't forget your 11 tit-bit facts too!!! You know you want to (haha)


  1. Naw, well this was just lovely of you! Thank you for the mention, and it was lovely getting to know more about you!

    1. Your very welcome :) I love how we all take something from each and every story we read ... <3

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me!!! I also have ear problems, but right ear - and I'm jealous you have lots of Tupperware, I'm too much of a tight ass :( . I wish I could sing!!
    I promise I'll get my A into G and write a post about the award you have lovely bestowed upon me. Have a great week :)

  3. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Its a lovely list. I have to say I never sleep with anything out of the doona. Even in the middle of summer I have to sleep with it pulled right up. I think I like the weight of it on me.

    1. lol My little man sleeps better too under the weight of the doona .. :) And your very welcome!! <3