Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Drama That Is Hospital

Sorry I have been a bit lax this week ... Boogie had a chest infection and then we had Botox on monday!!!! and can I just say I hateeeeeeeee hospitals ... From the smell .. to the beeping noises ... to the sound of kids crying and screaming ... it breaks my heart!!!

But more-so ... I hate the rigmarole that is packing and making sure we have all our meltdown soothers with us to avoid a total meltdown ... It was worse when he was little because we had the added things of bottles .. dummies ... extra toys ... formula .. dvds (back before the ipad was huge) ... etc

Now our hospital bag consists of the essentials .. 

* 1 blanket with a tag to rub on our nose for comfort ... which is decided upon on the day as we have a few 
* JabJab .. 
* Ipad stuffed with games (educational) and our sleepy DVD's ... it used to be The Godsmack tour DVD lol 
* Meds - ALL OF THEM 
* Glow in the dark pillow pet 
* A HUGE zip-lock bag of safe snacks ... 
* Wet-wipes - cos he won't let me use flannels 
* Spare clothes ... lots of them from all the gagging and screaming to the point of throwing up.. 
* Beanies 

And then there is mummies stuff too!!!

The worst thing I hate about it is hospital visits is sitting outside the hall near the friendship room (waiting room) pacing the halls ... and then hearing him scream in recovery and not being able to go into him until the old volunteer type lady lets me in ... That has got to be the WORST thing other than the wait ... The long antagonising wait .. especially when you know that it should only take 20 mins for Botox and he is in there .. no screaming for 30+ mintues ....I HATE IT ... 

I especially hate it when I go in there and they tell me what they told me on Monday ... That something went wrong ... That the conversation that I had with the Anaesthetist about taking precautions with a family history of anaesthetic allergy came out on his 9th time having it ...

It brought out lots of family history when I got home ... not just on my dads side ... but on my mums side ... and me too and also Boogies nanna on his dads side has problems with it too .. and now we all have to go an partake in a biopsy for Malignant Hyperthermia - Yay us *insert sarcasm here*

I don't know much about it ... YET ... but as you can imagine I am going to my normal google extremes and googling EVERYTHING I can find lol ... I will let you know more as it comes to light and as I know more!!  ... Scary stuff though!!! Scary stuff!!! Cling to your babies extra tight .. You just never know!!

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