Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jelly Bath!!!

On my quest for all things sensory.... I was fumbling around in Big W yesterday ... trying to find a replacement night light pillow pet for Boogie *sigh* ... with no luck might I add!!!  Anyway, we stumbled on Gelli Baff!! 


He was a bit unsure putting his toes in at first... But from the moment he saw the box at the shops the excitement started building ... he was ripping his clothes off before we had even put the jelly crystal stuff in the water lol 

5 mins is a LONG time for a 5 year old to wait .... So instead he jumped into the shower to wash his hair while we waited ... BIG MISTAKE!!! Because his hair ended up full of Baff Gelli anyway lol

Measurements have got to be spot on 40 litres... I used a Jug as I have a really really big bath ... Then sprinkle the step 1 gelli powder evenly ... and leave for 5 mins to start changing ... The Gelli held the warmth of the water for at least 45 mins ... 


Thickening up slowly
Sprinkling the Powder

Is it time yet?????????

I wish though that I had started it earlier in the day so he could have had some more fun ... but still recovering from his serious chest infection it was just not worth getting sick over again ... The price was about $8 for the 1 bath with no left overs... which when you think about it is a pretty expensive bath for a kid ... But totally worth it ... that was the ONLY downside to the afternoon!!!

I was actually surprised he took to it as well as he did ... obviously he was submerged in the GOO ... and was trying to wipe it off his hands onto the rest of him which was covered in goo every minute or so ... BUT ... he stayed in there!!! One sensory experience we will definitely HAVE TO repeat!!! 

On to the boring cleaning up phase ... You can supposedly put the goodbye powder in while they are in the bath ... but once it started losing its goo-ness ... He started losing interest (I know .. but there really isn't any other way to describe it lol)

So it was into the shower to clean the hair ... AGAIN!!! Anyway ... 
Hope you guys have as much fun sharing our icky sticky messy bath as we did!! xx  

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