Saturday, September 28, 2013

SOS Feeding!!

So the day I have been waiting for ... FOR MONTHS NOW ... really though it felt like a lifetime ... like when your a kid and it is January .. and your already waiting for Christmas!! Take that type of anticipation... bottle it and give it a bit of a shake... and then you will have a glimpse of my life for the last 3 months .. We had our assessment last week .. they came out and wanted to see his reaction to foods he does and doesn't like ..

Nothing was unusual to me ... the screwed up nose .. the dry retching .. just thinking about having to put something in his mouth ... To make matters worse .. our safe foods have been slowly creeping down to almost nothing ... He won't drink his Sanitarium Up and Go drinks that I have been using for the last 2 years to keep weight on him in winter .. When I lost those out of his safe list ... My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach ... I swear you could hear my heart breaking from the next suburb.

There are soooo many golden rules in SOS feeding ... It all starts with an OT and a Speech Therapist ... assessing the way he sticks things in his mouth .. how he chews ... how he pockets his food in his cheeks so he doesn't have to swallow ... and how he gags .. what makes him gag ...

I think I will have to post some of the info on the hand outs for you ... The food pyramid is soooo interesting ... kind of makes things fall into place!! Can't wait to have a spare 10 minutes to ramble (yes I know) onto you about EVERYTHING cos there is just soooo much useful information getting thrown at me that I am having to process most of it!!

We have sooooooooooo much going on at the moment .... Not only do we have 4 separate OT's we are doing serial casting ... to both knees in plaster ... to increase the degree and effect of the Botox .. LIFE IS CRAZY .... hopefully with school holidays upon us and not having to do double therapy and run back and forth to school as the clinics go on holidays too ... that we will have some quality time!!! Had a wedding too on the weekend (hence why I didn't post - sorry) and more coming up!! Along with all our sensory stuff that I have a HUGE backlog of ... Can't WAIT to share it all with you!!! 

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