Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring In The Air

It's here ... Yay!!!  I am not looking forward to my next power bill having to dry all these ... The saline and ventolin Nebuliser every 2 hours during the day ... the reverse cycle air con keeping the house at a good temperature for him ... and the split system in my lounge room drying all the sheets and blankets... I am looking forward to some finer weather ... to dry them outside!!

I am having to strip Boogies bed to get rid of the germs from this damn chest infection and pneumonia .. I hate it!!! I am going through a can of Glen 20 a day (feel free to sponsor us lol) Wiping every surface .. And I swear both Boogie and I are going bonkers from cabin fever from being locked down in this damn house for 3 weeks!!!

Helppppppppppppppp!! I am trying every remedy under the sun to get rid of this cough and well for lack of a better word ... snot lol  ... Have upped his vitamin intake .. added extra ones in .. and all the cold and flu mixes and remedies to boot!! I need him well .. there is 2 weddings to attend this month ... plus every other appointment we are missing heaps at the moment!!

Bleach & Disinfectant are my best friends at the moment .. I just want him to be able to get back to school .. I can't send (and wouldn't send) a sick child to school as I know the affect it has on us when other mummies send their sick kids in ... Principal should have received a lovely letter by now as well .. outlining my frustrations!! 

Can't wait for that response ... Secretly I am glad we are home this week .. (with doctors approval) As I can avoid being at school and the evils from whom ever has had the opportunity to glance upon said letter ... It scares me the effect it is going to have on my interactions with the school ... and the treatment he receives ...

Can only watch and wait right?!

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