Sunday, October 13, 2013

Broken Mirrors

So yet again... the school holidays were spent... IN BED...  I am going to get a little off track here so forgive me if I lose you ..

When I was younger ... on my mums 40th birthday in fact .... I was sick sick sick with the flu myself ... with my anaemia .. sickness comes on fast and strong ... and it was back in the day when water beds were the in thing LOL yes I am that bloody old :(  ... Anyway I had taken some cold and flu tablets and turned the heater up on my bed and gone to sleep ... and the dog and myself settled in for the night ... with not a movement from each of us .... The water displaced and the heater being turned up really high melted the plastic ... first movement from the dog at first light was water everywhere ... it was like I was a participant in the avon descent ... (for you non perthians - a fast moving river race - not so fast nowadays with the lack of rain water - but I digress) ..

ANYWAY... My bedroom backed onto the entrance of the house where my mum had a wall of mirror tiles ... and you better believe as the water gushed through the house like a mother of Octuplets water breaking (yes that is the mental picture I have) ... getting into power sockets and thankfully triggering the safety switch ... it soaked the wall ... and one by one over the next few days mirror by mirror started breaking .. and cracking .. and POPPING of the damn wall!!!

Now I don't know if you are all as superstitious as my bloomin family is ... but according to the 20 something odd tiles that popped off ... I will be taking my bad luck onto my next life!!! Secretly hoping that it didn't spawn into poor Boogie ... and wondering if that is why he is having all the luck - I use that term sarcastically incase it didn't leap off the page ...

Anyway I will get back to it ...  EVERY school holiday this year ... Boogie and I have spent sick in bed ... the tonsils .. the flu ... and now pneumonia ... which downgraded to a chest infection and then back upto a sinus infection ... Cancelling 50% of the appointments and clinics I tried to jam into his time off school *YAY* ...

So the last 3 days of the school holiday when he was actually back on his feet .. were spent cramming special things in ... Science experiments ... Zoo experience feeding the JabJab's (Giraffes) and spending some quality time with family as there has been a sad turn of events which I won't go into ... We had Uncle T down visiting from the Pilbara and even managed to squish in a mexican fiesta night ... We had to cancel appointments ... and will be making them up first week back at school - I am sure it will be to the disgust of the principal ... But WHATEVER!!! They can bite me this term ... Health comes first ... and from his Paediatricians mouth today ... If I wasn't the fighter and most amazing mummy advocate for my little Boogie ... He wouldn't be where he is today ... he wouldn't be walking ... he would be stuck in a wheel chair ... So ... Broken mirror karma ... You can kiss my A** ... seriously ... we will fight onwards and upwards :) ...

P.S ... Can't wait to share with you some of the fun stuff we got upto ... in our few days of healthy school holiday mayhem - But I will leave you with a super cute pic ... Until tomorrow x 

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