Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Food Chaining


Hasn't Christmas just come sooooo around fast?!  Going to attempt some Food chaining into our Christmas dinner this year ... Fingers crossed it goes ok ... I think the trick is I am going to have to keep everything as separate as I can .... A big Food buffet / Smorgasbord Yes that means extra bowls and dishes but ... Who cares ... If it gets him participating in all the Christmas furore!!

We are on our 5th session of food therapy this week .... And I haven't really had a chance to talk about it much with all our personal stuff going on ... So here goes ..

When we first starting S.O.S we started simple ... Everything is free of packaging and is put into a clear ziplock bag so as not to associate with any branding ... Anything liquid obviously in a clear glass bowl or jug ... We each have a wet flannel to wipe our hands or face if we don't like it on them .. and there is a bowl of warm soapy water on the table... On the first week the girls started with his top 4 favourite food items ... just to get a sense of trust with him ... So that food could be on the table in this manner and it could be safe.. It was amazing ... everything as long as it was in its ziplock bag was seen ... some of it touched ... and some of the bags even got opened and played with!! Love it!!

Our safe foods for the record have started as :

Chips - Hot or crisp variety

Chicken Nuggets
Sausages - specific kinds.

Choc milk - specific Brand
Condiments - tomato sauce & mustard but sometimes gravy.

Examples of our food play lists which obviously hardly anything has gone past our lips are : 


1. Crinkle Cut Chips               (Safe food)

2. Chicken Nuggets                (Safe food)

3. Gravy                                (Safe food)

4. Sausage                            (Safe food)

5. Pretzel Sticks

6. Beef Jerky

7. Plain Chocolate

8. Chocolate Milk                     (Safe food)


1. Crinkle cut chips                   (Safe food)

2. Banana Chips 
3. Yellow jelly (jelly cups)

4. Yellow Dried fruit spear (long stick shape)
- Any fruit is fine, with the colour as close to yellow as possible.

5. Sausages                             (Safe food)

6. Bread Sticks 

7. Beef Jerky

8. Plain Chocolate                    - Licked and kissed this session

9. Choc milk (heated up)           - Sipped, licked, kissed

At this point we haven't added anything into our regular routine ... But it is on the table ... and we are playing with it SOMETIMES ... which is HUGE compared to anything he has ever done before ... I don't care if we end up with jelly on the walls as long as eventually we can get it in his stomach .. it will be all worth it.. 

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