Sunday, December 1, 2013

Celebrating Milestones!!!!

This weekend marked 10 weeks since we started food therapy .... 5 sessions in all ... And can I say what an amazing experience it has been for both of us?!  Not only has he officially increased his "SAFE FOODS" from :

6 SAFE foods ..... 2 SAFE condiments & 1 SAFE drink ... 

Toooooooo  a grand total of *drum roll please* : 11 SAFE foods .. 2 SAFE condiments & 4 SAFE drinks

Soooo absolutely OVER THE MOON with excitement ... makes it soo real putting it on the food chart ... can't wait to keep going ... gives me soo much inspiration looking at it hanging on the wall every day Compared to April this year when he was underweight weighing in at 11.2 kgs and losing every time he was sick oh and the HUGE tonsils debarkle of 2013... but potentially facing a gastric tube if we couldn't get his weight up!!!

You have no idea how incredibly proud I am of him at this point ... I think over the last week or so I have said it about 20 times a day .. especially after every meal ... We have totally turned around what is considered something soo tiny in other peoples worlds to something monumental in ours.  My Orally aversive child even tried 2 bites of watermelon and a prawn ... A PRAWN when we were out for dinner the other night ... NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would EVER see him eating a prawn or a bite of watermelon ... It may not be on his list of foods that he thinks are safe yet ... but he took a bite ... he put them in his mouth ... and he bit down on them ... And best of all ... HE DIDN'T GAG!!!  He took what he didn't want to eat out of his mouth and put it nicely back on the edge of his plate!!

It is like the whole world is amazing right now!!! He is tolerating being in the same room as stuff where he wouldn't before ... Smells aren't making him gag as much ... he is vocalising if there are things he doesn't like and removing them .. or himself from the situation .. without power chucking or having a total meltdown about it ...

Don't get me wrong though .. the meltdowns haven't ceased to exist .. they still happen over lots of sensory stuff .. multiple times a day ... BUT ... with food he is now comfortable enough to say no ... to not put it on his plate ... and still be happy enough for me to eat my "healthy" salad at the same table as him with out copping a spoonful of power vomit!!!  He is changing his world and it is starting to co-exist with mine and I couldn't ask for more!!!

BUT I have another milestone to celebrate too!!!! He can officially climb into the car by himself ... and put his arms in the seat belts by himself!!!!! Not only that ... he is starting to tolerate little pushes on a swing too - he actually asked me on saturday to push him gently on our swing set that has been sitting dormant in the backyard for nearly 2 years!!!! GOBSMACKED right?! ... Thank you sensory integration ... and thank you SOS feeding!!! In 6 months you have turned what was an extremely overwhelming world into something that day by day is becoming more manageable for him ... more liveable and much easier to interact with!!!

Can't tell you how proud I am ... I swear I have a pregnant mother type glow right now radiating out of my smile!!! It is sooo nice to report something soo positive right now while I have a big mess of a personal life hiding under the cracks!!! I hope you all have a *Happy dance* to report to me!!! I want to hear all about your successes too!!! 

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