Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crazy Hectic Crazy

School holidays are always an adventure aren't they?!

Last night after dinner ... We went to a playground that I have been meaning to take Boogie to for well lets face it .. MONTHS!!!

I have pulled into the car park a few times ... and it has been crazy busy psycho ... The carpark is small .. there are no Acrod bays even close by ... the thought of actually enjoying our experience there when it is a ENORMOUS playground near a cliff edge .. albeit fenced in .. Scares the CRAP out of me!!

But last night .. under the guise of the evening lights blinking on .. we enjoyed the WHOLE playground to ourselves... Not only was it sensory bliss ... We could take the time to walk through the huge maze of a wooden ship hull .. he didn't get knocked over once ... there was no hands over ears ... he wasn't rushed down a slide ... and more importantly I wasn't asked 10 million times what is wrong with him!!!

I guess the biggest thing I find wrong with the latter is that yes he has a few diagnosis' BUT he is a normal little boy ... he isn't intellectually disabled ... he understands everything ... and if he doesn't understand something he will seek out what it means to him ... he is only mildly globally delayed ... And I HATE when someone approaches me and asks what is wrong with him... Usually he is happy to tell people about his cerebral palsy ... But with that sometimes the car ride home brings ... The what .. how ... and why questions ..

I can't lie to that little face ... In fact I find it really hard to lie altogether ... *Insert funny story about how I had a second Television delivered to my house and told them the truth that one had already been delivered .. to the unhappy glances of my brother and partner at the time*  It is soo confronting when he asks when he will get better ...

Even worse at the moment is his high expectations of his life .. His current life goals areeeeeeee ... To be an Engineer ... who builds robots to, "help other kids like him." A race car mechanic & Drum roll please ... A Fire fighter ... I really don't know how I am going to tell the little boy who can only just walk because of the miracle that is Botox and extreme physiotherapy sessions ... that it might never eventuate ... So instead what do I do?!?!?!?!?! ... I commission all the Poppy & Uncle figures in his life to build him his own fire station and he can be my mini fire fighter in the back yard lol ... Checks the fire fighter box right?!

Yep I think so too..  It isn't quite finished yet ... it needs a door and the windows drilling out ... and then the roof top is going to have white picket fencing around it ... And my youngest brother is going to build a big metal fire house station for his birthday ... He has been online with me the last few days ... so we can pick out a lounge suite for it .. because that is what he wants for his birthday!! LOL .. The things we do huh?!?!!

Just call me crazy ;) ... And here you are all wondering where my crazy mummy namesake was hiding at the moment ... BAM ... It's here :P  Enjoy!!!! xx

Gratuitous Fire Bell Shot!! 

Getting there!! Thanks Poppies & Uncles!! 

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