Thursday, May 29, 2014

My $7 Rant ...

I don't normally do this ... But here it is ... My $7 rant!!!  Any of my followers who aren't in Australia, will glaze over right about now ... But here I am having a rant over $7 .. well $70 in actual fact.  No strike that cos I get bulk billed too .. make that $140...   Plus more potentially too with all of these fees on hospital services and scripts too!!

Over the last few weeks a few people have made their worldly opinions heard on one media site or another, over what's the big deal with this $7 doctors fee... The new taxes... The cuts that are being made in the new budget... Oh my god why are they all having a whine or a whinge about it?! Why don't they get off their fat lazy asses and go and get a job?! And I am getting sooo fed up of holding my tongue... So here I am opening my big fat mouth hehe

Well let me tell you how it will affect me and our life and maybe you can stop and think outside your well paid... potentially 2 income healthy family bubble!!! 

My life story, not that I usually splash it across my personal profiles, is that of an EDUCATED mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy, Anaemia, Thalassemia, Severe Asthma, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder.  Who used to work full time. In fact 2 jobs (at one point 2 full time jobs) right up until the day I gave birth ... EARLY!  I had never been out of paid income until the day I had my son, in actual fact, it wasn't unemployed until my son was 6 months old and it dawned on me that he needed more help than most, because he wasn't just a pre-term baby with nothing wrong, he had special needs.  And LOTS of them!

Special needs means LOTS of care, appointments, money!!! Money which I could earn, if I put him in an institution.  How backwards of me you say?! Too right!! That is why I EVERYDAY fight tooth and nail, for my child to have the best life he can, under the circumstances - but some people do still do it!!  Don't get me wrong, what I wouldn't give to have this mystical job that pays 150k a year for me to work from home and look after my son at the same time as ferrying him to his plethora of appointments (WHICH AREN'T FREE), and all the behinds the scenes therapy I do, unpaid in our own home.  The home which I have to fight for every damn day to keep a roof over his head!

I have been up until recently have been receiving a measly sum of $11 child support of his father (PER MONTH), whom we have no contact with, because of having to get a VRO out on and whom refuses to do his taxes to spite us - well not just us turned out there were 5 other mummies in the same position that I was totally utterly unware of for 5 whole years of my life - I digress.  Which comes no where close to covering his $150 worth of life saving meds every month.  I refer to them as life saving, because lets face it... Without the plethora of medications he takes for his asthma and thalassemia etc, he would not be here..  Not to mention the botox which I can't even put a price tag on every 16 weeks to help him - more movement than I could have ever dreamed for him.

Include then the cost of a normal child, because obviously, he can't live without clothes, food, water, electricity to run his nebuliser for his asthma meds. and shoes to fit over his leg splints, because lets face it the $6 pair from Kmart that I can afford, just won't fit them in!!  Oh I almost forgot and a car to run him to every damn appointment at every end of town. Just so he can live some sort of a life that isn't confined to a wheel chair with no prospect on life.  Couple that with the roof over his head, my budget is soo damn tight, that I buy second hand clothes (mostly new) off people that have been to sales and had it sitting in the back of their wardrobes for months, just so I can have some clothing on my own back.

I forego EVERYTHING I possibly can, so that my child can have what is considered a normal life!!

Well normally ALL kids are bulk billed and they are going to be charged too, plus us people that incomes are sooo low that they actually get a health care card.  I receive a carers pension, yay a couple of dollars to put back into my tight budget.  But lets face it, what employer is going to employ me full time at this point... When I have to take a splice out of every day to take my son to 1 x physio appt.  1 x OT appointment & 1 x hydro therapy appt. plus pysical therapy, SOS feeding therapy, Sensory Integration therapy,  homework , so needs help with the writing, holding the books to read etc.   Plus all the hospital/sick time because of his severe asthma and anaemia. That is without taking into any consideration any doctors, paediatrician, specialist, or other time off for general sickness.  Tell me when I have the time to make this $7 back by going to a real Full time job.  In actual fact it isn't $7 and yes they have capped it to 10 visits, but it is more like $140 a year (if you include both of us remember).  And that is nearly 3 WHOLE therapy sessions, which some weeks I struggle to pay for.

If I take into account that fact I will be losing FTB B so I am already $102 worse off a fortnight.  and then throw in the extra money they are going to be putting on his scripts which already come to nearly $150 per month is not going to be cheap!! Couple that with all of my doctors appointments, as with the exception of his cerebral palsy, I have an identical medical make up as my son.  Anything that we go to emergency with may or may not be charged for also if they deem it to be non emergency (which if I am honest the majority of  hospital visits are in the grand scheme of things!!)  If I take ALL of these little dollar signs into account, on average, as long as we aren't sick and need antibiotics too.  GOD FORBID!  We are losing $2,892 give or take A YEAR!! ... For someone who only makes on average $18,000 a year.

So yes for those of you that, are earning big bucks, and are in a healthy relationship that is working out for you, and you are living the DREAM of a perfect family in perfect health, with the perfect family and home life balance.  I am extremely happy for you (not jealous at all because I will be there one day), but really does it give you the right to shit on my already pathetic parade?  I didn't choose this life for my son, it chose us, I had no control over any of it.  The puppeteer whom ever he may be controls our strings and we are just part of the show at this point.  I know one day when he is older I will be able to have my head held high again and have the perfect family time / work ratio when he can do some of the care himself and there are less appointments, but until then...

Can you do the maths... and tell me how that $7 and other cuts don't affect us little people who have paid their dues for the last 20 years - doubly for most of it!! If they think that he is such an amazing treasurer.  Can he please come and fix my budget and tell me how I can make it work - How I can fit in another $7 a week because I really thought I had it nailed!! Please!! I'll even pay him $7 for the trouble!



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