Monday, May 12, 2014

Ooops Sorry

Ok ... Soooo it has been a while .. Things have been crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy busy for the last 10 weeks!!!

Somewhere in the middle there was Boogs birthday ... He turned 6 ... and my god I am feeling sooo much older!!  I have probably put on at least 4/5kg oops!! Yay for healthy winter eating though.. I think it is funny I always lose weight in winter and eat healthier ... there is something about the 45 degree summer nights that just keep you out of the kitchen ... and I really can't eat when it is ridiculously hot .. makes me feel sick..

Other things keep us busy have been court cases .. I am glad to report that we have a piece of paper *rolls eyes* .. that is supposed to keep us out of harms way for at least 2 years ... - yeah ok ... The car decided it was on its last legs .. so had to get a loan to deal with that .. but have something shiny and new now .. so that's a bit of fun!! Haven't had anything shiny and new for myself since before Boogie was born!!

Anddddd my mum has sold our family home of 32 years to move onto bigger and better things with her fiancĂ©e ... Don't get me wrong I am very excited for them  .. The new house is GORGEOUS .. little bit jealous actually ;) (nah not really - it has a pool and a jacaranda tree poking over the back fence .. and I know what it is like having to deal with our pop up pool let alone a REAL pool filter lol) .. with it brings lots of happy and sad memories as we sift through 32 years of clutter and memories ... My blissfully happy childhood and lots of heart ache in the last decade.

On top of that we have had a busy few months of appointments ... A new paediatrician who has diagnosed Boogies sensory processing difficulties officially and added an ADHD diagnosis to boot!! Yep .. as if life couldn't get more hectic ... With that brings nothing much hehe No medication - which I wouldn't want for him anyway ..  knowing that medication would heighten his sensory problems and make day to day life quite unbearable if I were to do so... and the potential of psych visits later on.  But apart from that .. I am doing EVERYTHING the right way!!!

WOW!!! Do you know how good it is to hear that come out of one of the top Paediatricians mouths in perth is?!

I'll tell you!!! AMAZING!!!

Doing SOS food therapy is a big tick in his book... And sensory integration .. Physio .. OT and speech ... He is though referring me to another Hearing specialist to get me a second opinion on what I think are his sensory problems interfering with his hearing tests.

His MRI is booked in for next week.. So fingers crossed we can officially rule out a tumour *Please keep yours crossed for us too* ... And because of it .. he is having this week off school ... The teacher has sent home a nice HUGE pack of school work so he can keep up!!! WHICH I LOVE!!! And it feels like finally things are clicking into place!!!

Mums big move is tomorrow!!! I can't wait for the next path we are all on ... Things are finally clicking into place on the home front .. with the exception of poppy who has not been well in hospital for the last 9 weeks now .. But he comes home tomorrow too so hopefully things will be a bit more cheery for him!!! BUSY BUSY BUSY week ahead ... Hope you all have time to scratch your head this week .. we won't :P Mothers day got post poned until next weekend so we can all celebrate it together  .. Anyway until next time .. I promise to try a bit harder and not make it soo long between blogs again ..

Sweet dreams peeps xox

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