Monday, July 7, 2014

Weird Experiments!!

Introduced our SOS therapist to our Zoku today  lol She had never seen one before ... :D 

Our food therapy list today was : 

Plain Crisps 

Purple Beetroot Crisps

Purple Jelly - Natural (Grape - No red food colour due to allergy)

Purple Lolly snakes (Natural grape)

Yellow Lolly Snakes (Natural pineapple)

Cheese blocks for grating (Yellow grass for our yellow snakes to hide in)

Tinned pineapple pieces Frozen overnight


(Milk and frozen pineapple put into a blender)

Soooooo ... as per usual we worked through our foods .. blah blah blah .. nothing really exciting today .. the usual gagging etc etc ... Seriously .. who's child GAGS on lollies ... MINE!! And probably a few of yours too if you're reading this ... And then .. We brought out the ZOKU!!

He was down to the last few ingredients and she let him blend up the last two ingredients to have an "Experiment with" ... He had a sip .. yep usual gagging ... And then put them into the Zoku ... although just before it went in he did mix in some left over purple jelly into his .... But it worked!!!! (He is big into experiments so got to watch it go hard etc while we were kissing and blowing all of the left over foods into the bin)

It took me a whole heap of effort to try and remove it ... and then I read the instructions .... YES temporarily ... I thought like a man!!!! Who wouldn't think that an icy pole would come straight out of an icy pole machine?!?!?! Me that's who!! Turns out the stick has got to go in first before you stick the chunky pineapple pieces in LOLLL

Then ... BAM ... it came out!!! Wooohoooo ... And then he ate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was rock solid the whole time ... didn't last long enough to melt and attempt some of the sensory problems!!! But I don't care!!! He asked if he can try some watermelon juice in it tomorrow because he likes the smell of it... Can't wait!! Definitely gotta try it again ...

I think at this point the only thing that will make our eating journey easier is a Thermo mix ... I am saving every penny as I go ... Hopefully I will have one before the end of the year .... I've seen them in action now .. and I can't for one second say I don't have that pang of jealousy that comes with something awesome in the hands of someone else ... Like that kid at the play ground who is the only one who's mum won't buy him an ice cream from the ice cream truck! lol COME ON you know what I am talking about!!

Things are going well ... without pressure we are slowly building on things ... They don't always get eaten again .. But any try at this point is a WINNER winner chicken dinner!!!

LOVE therapy .. it is changing our world one day at a time!!!!


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