Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sensory Overload

Every time I pack a bag for Boogie... Whether it be a sleep over ... A weekend away with family .. The dreaded holiday.. I don't imagine an easy going relaxing time ... The moment someone says let's do it ... the blood drains from my face ... and my brain goes into over drive!  People tell me to relax ... it will be fun .. enjoy it .... Clearly they have never experienced the dilemma that is being the over prepared parent of a sensory child.

From the moment someone says lock it in .. A thousand things are running through my mind ... To avoid a meltdown of sorts ... I need to pack EVERYTHING known to man that clicks into our sensory puzzle ... Short of the kitchen sink .... Cos Boogie is aversive to water ... not the drinking kind ... Just the washing and splashing kind..

Some days I seriously think running a marathon would be easier than what is running through my brain.. For every stimulant .. there is a subsequent reaction unfortunately and I need to be prepared ... Sometimes it means that Boogies baggage .. and I mean the literal kind (although the emotional sort is never far behind) .. Literally outweighs everything I need in list of things to organise... Oh and pack

At the moment.. Chewy necklaces are right up the top of the list .. it goes to school .. it goes to therapy .. it goes EVERYWHERE!!!! And there is no time to be in short supply ... they look frazzled come week 2 of hanging around that dainty little neck .. Actually frazzled is not the right word .. I think maybe chewed and gnawed to perfection ... Mr Robot is usually missing a leg or 2 .. and hanging vicariously off his safety clasp .. which then gets replaced with a new rubber safety clasp ... Oh the pain of re-threading rubber through a thin rubber tube of medical grade rubber... *Le-Sigh*

JabJab is definitely the next on the list ... sometimes ... if it is a small appointment .. or just a trip to the shops ... you can persuade Boogie to bring one of the baby JabJabs ... Yes .. We have a whole family lol ... BUT there are conditions ... JabJab's tag is often chewed or rubbed to perfection (we roll it between our fingers ... or around in little circles on our nose when we are stressed out)... so it has to be a whole JabJab .. no holes with stuffing poking out ... Bell intact (it is a rattle toy) AND a perfect REAL tag ... can't be a pretend tag that mummy has painstakingly sewed on from some other teddy or a little piece of ribbon or satin .. No no ... It has to be perfect ... slightly rubbed .. and Authentic!!

JabJab is well travelled .. he has seen the sights ... been to Disneyland in Hong Kong .. Something admirable for a teddy of sorts to have achieved in a life time!  He plays golf .. Watches movies ... and is a Huge fan of popcorn .. I do digress though .. I guess I could do a whole post on the adventures of JabJab - In the words of Gru from 'despicable me'  "LIGHT BULBBBB."

Get back on track .. Get back on track hehe  .. See what I mean .. my brain goes of in spirals ... flicking in every direction ...

We need to take wet wipes ... Wet wipes are essential ... because I can't just splash water over his face or use a flannel that is a big no no ... even a wet wipe (not the huggies ones cos they are too thick) has to be wrung out so it is not drippy and yucky.  

We NEED the Ipad & earphones (educational games oh and his favourite rock band concert - obviously "Godsmack" - don't ask!!) ... things can be too loud .. and sometimes need blocking out .. he finds a nice strong rock beat comforting .. Go figure

Next comes a blankey ... Has to be fluffy and soft ... and MUST come complete with a tag of its own too....

We have a light up pillow pet that comes for sleep overs and trips ... Because we don't like the dark ... It puts a star lit sky silhouette on the ceiling ...

Snacks ... Safe foods have to be planned out ... He needs to have access to things that are safe in his mind... so that he has options .. Whether it be in the car on the drive ... or when we get there ... or a routine before bed ... the drink bottle because with his CP his hands are way too unsteady for a cup ..

Oh and the clothes that have to be packed ... Oh lordy ... Plus leg splints ... Shoes that fit over leg splints ... Special socks long enough for legs splits ..... shoe inserts ... the list goes on and on!!! And to be honest I have probably omitted quite a few things for the sake of my brain isn't working this morning ... (Yay for first day back at school foggy brain hehe)

I can honestly say I envy (not in a nasty way just in a longing for normal kind of way)... every single mum that just gets to grab her handbag a couple of juice boxes for the kids and go out ... not have to consider the time you visit a bowling alley to have some sort of normality because it might be too loud ... I think it actually makes me a little OCD ticking off all those checklists in my head ... But then ... I wouldn't really change his world ... We manage ... ticking one box at a time!!

Hope you all have a great week  DMMC x

Hospital Visits and Holidays take ALOT of planning!! 

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