Thursday, January 22, 2015

Board Game Bonanza!!!

So you all know I am a little bit old school when it comes to parenting .... Boogie has an i-pad ... but I HATE when he uses it ... he gets all grumpy ... So I don't love too much screen time ... Also because whenever he used to go to his dads.... that is all he used to get ... an illuminating glorified babysitter ... And well that just URKS THE CRAP OUT OF ME!

But I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee playing board games with him ... I can boost his confidence a little ... and then not let him win a couple when I know he is turning into a sore winner ... and trust me .... He is a sore winner in all of his splendiforous glory!!
"Ha haaaaaaaa mum ... you lose .. you're a loser ... I won ... it's all mine."
Yeah I don't think so kiddo!!!

Every year a couple more games sneak into the collection ... and I am dreading what is going to happen next .... I know my challenge for this holidays is to clean out the hallway cupboard to attempt to house them all ... I mean the only thing in my hall way cupboard is STUFF ... the kind of stuff that doesn't have a place ... Christmas decorations ... Presents I have accumulated for just incase ... My mum used to do it ... don't judge me .. I'm not a real hoarder :P .... And I can see myself putting it all off until the Christmas tree comes down cos obviously the decorations have first priority ... spent soooo much on them over the years that they just have to!! ...

Our Christmas tree is special... There is just something sooo amazing about the festive season ... I don't know if it is the fact that while everyone calls it the busy season .. I call it off season ... Everything .. Therapy .. Specialists .. Paediatricians offices etc ... they all close down over the Christmas holidays ... which leaves me with NOTHING ... Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Nothing!! .. Who ever thought I would be in my low *cough* 30's celebrating nothingness ...  Me ... that's who!!

Back to the Christmas tree ... yep got side tracked as per usual ... Anyway our Christmas Tree every year anyone who is staying in the house ... puppies/kitties included gets a special bauble dedicated to them ... We make the pilgrimage to Myers ... (no this isn't a shameless plug) we do the whole Santa photo tradition ... and we pick out a special glass bauble in either silver... blues or teal ... I am now getting to the point where no 2 baubles are the same ... and I LOVE IT!!! The first few years Boog got to pick out the bauble for some reason ... red was too eye catching for him ... so hidden towards the sides of the tree ... tucked in are a bright red train and a couple of other bright red ornaments ... Gotta love him :P

Oh my gosh how far off board games did I get!!!! *Smacks herself on the hand*  Sooooooo I couldn't even remember what board games I had snuck into the collection come Christmas time because I already wrapped them ... But I knew that they weren't going to fit where they are all precariously balancing on top of each other already... like a giant stack of Jenga tiles :P But I do love a bit of monopoly myself ... And I have a killer collection of simpsons games - the only one I am missing that has been released is Simpsons game of life *shines knuckles* ... Boog loves his hungry hippos annnnnnnnd the special rock em sock em robots I got for him 2 Christmases ago now... not really sure how I can top that .... Oh right .. yes I do .. A new drum kit hehe ..

He asked Santa for an electric guitar for Christmas and for mummy to feel better for Christmas ... I can openly admit I shed a tear when I was head hunted by an elf through Myers to be told that was his first wish!! I think I've done well!! Anyways .. What did your little elves ask for and receive this year? (well technically last year now - arrrrrrgh) There is such a wide variety of things on the market nowadays that is is sooooooo easy not to double up!!! I would love to hear your little munchkins top 5 ... Pretty please?!


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