Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey ... it's me ... I know what you're thinking!!

Hey ... it's me ... I know what you're thinking!! Where have I been right?!  Well we're here .. living .. as best we can ... it's been quiet .. not because I don't want to share my thoughts with you ... But because I have been soo busy busy busy that I haven't had time to scratch my head let alone put the proverbial pen to paper.

Mind you though there has been lots to write about ... but some things are best kept inside - a little bit from column - you can't really say that on social media because it would be considered defamatory :P and a little bit from column dammit I can't give out details like that cos they are too personal and no one wants to hear about what is causing you anxiety!!

But we are here... kicking along .... Botox coming up though which is always a bit of fun mid school term trying to keep him healthy while there is a chicken pox/whooping cough/mumps/flu epidemic going on ... But you know whatever ...

We've had Monster Trucks which he loved ... Mr Maker ... Walking with Dinosaurs ... and a plethora of other events which we have attended and LOVED ... And I must say the headphones that we bought for his starlight wish earlier in the year have come in handy ... Monster Trucks was CRAZY loud!!!

Oh and to boot I actually completed my New Years Resolution too ... My goal was to spend some me time ... by reading some books ... it came about because I had not picked up a NON therapy related book in years.  But I did it ... My resolution was 6 books one every 2 months and I've read 10 .. are you proud?! I am :P

On that note .. back to doing some living ... I'd say I promise to visit here more often .. but I will really try ... I just don't like making promises I can't keep .. there are way too many of those broken ones floating out and about the world ...

Until next time

DMMC xx 


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