Random Mummy Facts

*I am the only female sibling in my family, I have 3 brothers 1 older who is adopted and 2 younger.

*My childhood was one of those perfect disney movie type childhoods without actually visiting the magical kingdom!

*I have a blood disorder myself that makes me quite ill at the best of times that I genetically passed onto my son. It is something that when we both have bad days struggling with it, I get mega guilts for passing it onto him.

* I am a tea girl through and through, all fancy smancy with my diffuser and shiz. The only time I will ever drink a coffee is if I am hulled up in pmh OR need a serious caffeine hit (cos we all know they don't sell the good stuff) and it usually is drunk in the form of a nice shot of coffee via an affogato 

*I have been singing since I can't remember: Have won countless awards for solo & choral/choir

* I come from a very musical family, my mum plays organ, dad guitar and drums, all 3 brothers play guitar, and I sing, although I did dabble in a few instruments (guitar/keyboard/percussion) when younger, but I love the sound of my own voice ;) 

* I can't sleep at night without the tv on or some background noise... I think it all stems from getting broken into when I was a kid and they stole the tv from memory.  Silence and me are not friends.

*I have been singing in a cover band for the last oooh 7 years of my life.  I've gotten to travel all over the state singing with them, it has been the ride of my life. It is also the shared love I had with my now ex,  Boogie has travelled with us on occasion and thinks he is the backup drummer.

*I am allergic to Seafood, shellfish & Iodine oh and penicillin and I have recently found out that the movies now put iodised salt on their popcorn which has taken one of my only guilty pleasures away!! Whats a movie without popcorn?? Wahhhh

*I have braces to thank for my gorgeous smile ;) Had them from the age of 11 and got them off before highschool *thankgod* Oh and thanks Mum and Dad for funding it!! :) 

*I have a soft spot for all things nicholas cage... his voice just resonates with me... Mmmm Nicholas cage

*Hit me with a strawberry daiquiri and you are bound to find out about my wild side : The quirky thing about it is I won't drink any other drink with strawberries in it... I would much prefer raspberries!!

*I have a few things that I would rather not admit I have done in my past that you will undoubtedly hear about when I have nothing else to rant on about! lol

*I was in the school choir for most of my life... Did I mention I love singing? I have performed at the opera house. Yes in front of an audience. We went head to head with The USA boeing 747 choir.

*I have a few girl crushes... Who doesn't ... But my top 4 are Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel
Paully Perette & Kat Von D... yeah ... you can probably see a little pattern emerging!!

* I have done the whole workers compo dealio (without actually getting any money out of it : It's just not who I am), used to work as a manager at KFC and slipped on some ice wedging my ankle under a steel freezer shelf and snapping it... Yes it was painful!!

* I used to smoke, just socially, and if drunk enough I am easily persuaded.  But I hate all things smoking, I think it is mostly because of all the lung problems Boogie has.

*I have SELF diagnosed OCD (I refuse to see a doctor about it lol)... this means yes I know that I am a bit pedantic at times, usually times of extreme stress and would rather clean up a little bit of clutter rather than cling to a bottle of alcyhol.

*I drop the C bomb.. and it isn't just occasionally, My mum hates it!!!

*I have a invisible personal space line.  And unless your in my family you need to stay out of it.  That includes sneezing... coughing and generally breathing in my air space!!!

* I carry around a bottle of hand sanitiser and pack of wetwipes where ever I go.... Germs freak the absolute bejesus out of me ... I think my blood disorder in which we pick up everything has made me a little crazy this way .. *oops*

*The smell of durian makes me dry reach... worse still if you want to see me spew give me a mouthful of it orrrrrr durian flavoured anything including sago.

* My best friends name is lemon bleach, we hang out all the time, Some close to me may or may not say that we hang out a little too much!

* I am a bit of a junkie for wholesome 80's  shows & movies... Punky Brewster... Different Strokes .. Drop Dead Fred ... Gumby... Sooty & Sweep.. 

* I refuse to let boogie watch ben 10... there is something about it that just doesn't feel right?!

*I am a checklist-a-holic!! I'd be lost without my checklists.   ( add checklist-a-holic to checklist... check)

*If I lost my diary, I don't know where I would start, between appointments and phone numbers, I really should make a back up, shouldn't I?

* I started Rollerskating at Rollerdrome in Balcatta (Before it shut down) from the age of 3, my mum used to make me those little sequin covered costumes to flutter around in.  And I was pretty good, even if I do say so myself, Randomly Melissa George was one of our group teachers, she was gorgeous even back then.

* I only ever went to private school (with the exception of kindy) so I am a bit
biased, and learning the hard way the ins and outs of public school with boogie.

* I have been a practising catholic most of my life, but haven't had too much
time to practise since boogie was born.  

*I have a bucket list to visit everything disney on earth. That includes all the magical kingdoms and cruises!

*I have always been shy my whole life.  The only time I am not shy is when I am singing or around people I know.

*My idol is Dolly parton, her songs & tv show from the 80's are the reason I have a passion to sing.

*I had my gall bladder out when I was 20, and they accidentally perforated my stomach whilst doing so and now I have a scar on my belly button from where all the stomach juice was flowing out of it ;)

* I used to know and attend karaoke most nights when single.  Singing is just something that makes me feel free and happy.  You know if I am in a good mood by wether I sing in the car and shower or not!

* My fondest memories of childhood are sitting on the organ chair with my mum while she played and my dad with his guitar singing "when I'm 64" by the beatles.

* My dad is maltese.. so I was BLESSED (not) with that lovely oily olive skin.. which taunted me through most of my teenage years.

Well that is all I have for now ... I guess as I think of more I can add them in.. But I just thought I would give you a splice of my random life .. 

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