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As a stay at home mum to a special needs boy... This blog was started as personal therapy to just "get it all out".. In saying that though.... We as a family are always more than happy to try out new products.. Attend events .. and Visit venues that are of interest to us and our following.  That will either save everyone time.. money .. or make for good messy fun!!  

With a strong following of 5 thousand views in its 3rd month .. We can only go upwards and onwards from here..

If your business or organisation would like us to review an item or experience. We ask that you contact us via... 
our facebook page: DrivingMissMummyCrazy  
or via email :  
We also ask that you provide a 2nd sample, To provide a positive experience so that our followers get the chance to try your product too!!

Please understand that between Blogging, Therapy and General Mummy duties,  I may not be able to get back to you straight away. Thank you for your understanding.  

Disclosure Policy :

This Policy is Valid from 1st May 2013 until further notice.

Our Blog is a word of mouth Blog... That means we are circulated through our readers .. And are open to honest opinions and general feedback as such from them also..  As the sole thought provoker and owner behind this Blog, I review products and services in my honest opinion that I feel are beneficial to my readers and relatable to other families...

I reserve the right to refuse compensation for favourable reviews.. I will only ever Blog honestly about my experiences with reviewed products and services... If products reviewed are paid or product received in relation to this Blog... The Blog post will appear below this disclosure statement via a link to the related post.  

On occasion there will be products reviewed that are not reviewed for payment or free merchandise. It just means that, I like/dislike them and have had a good/bad experience with their company or product.  In saying that, it does not mean they have approached me to advertise their business.  Only Paid or product received reviews will be listed below in the links.



Everything within this Blog including Images, writing and the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone... From time to time I paraphrase from other websites and Blogs, but I include links where applicable so you can gather more information and research for yourself.  Personal photos used in a menacing or disrespectful way that may cause undue harm to myself or my family may be followed up with legal proceedings against those found to be using them in this harmful way.

You are more than welcome to share our blog and its contents but we ask that you link back to us as the same courtesy that we share with others.



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